Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 9 A Rick in King Mortur's Mort

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Synopsis Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 9 A Rick in King Mortur’s Mort

When Morty is offered a gift from a stranger, Rick tells him not to accept it. Is Morty listening? No, he doesn’t and is drawn into a dirty adventure.


To celebrate Season 6, Pocket Mortys weekly updates coincided with new episodes, including new avatars for players to collect. With the release of this episode came the Viscount of Venus as an avatar, plus King of the Sun Morty and Mortanial Morty to capture.

Some or all planetary nations seem to have a similar tradition to the Knights of the Sun in cutting off one of their body parts: the right breast for Mercury, the arm for Mars, the testicles for Neptune, etc.


This episode seems to build on the development Rick has been going through this season in terms of being honest about really caring for his family (“Solaricks”) and trying to express his love for Morty (“Rick: Mort Well Lived”) and be more responsible for it when it interferes in matters on a galactic level (“Analyze Piss”). It’s worth noting that this is a development that viewers have seen Rick go through, but Morty hasn’t been entirely present for this development, and when Rick tries to act better, Morty is suspicious of his motives.

Then again, even with this development, it’s a bit suspicious that he turned such a massive heel in the middle of the episode…

In some ways, this episode follows “The Vat of Acid Episode” in that Rick lets Morty lead the adventure. Unlike this episode, Rick doesn’t seem to do this for an ulterior motive to prove himself right, but because he values ​​his relationship with his grandson, he only intervenes when it’s absolutely necessary for him to do so.

Morty, like his grandfather, is the instigator of civil war, although Rick was the instigator of civil war throughout the Milky Way Galaxy and Morty in the Solar System in his youth.

Continuity of the series

Rick states that hanging out on Pluto is “Jerry level shit”, referring to the time Jerry went to Pluto in “Something Ricked This Way Comes”.

Morty asks if Rick’s support is due to another Vat of Acid-style punishment, referencing the events of “The Vat of Acid Episode”. Additionally, the poses and facial expressions that Rick and Morty make when they fall into the sun mimic their poses and facial expressions when they fall into a fake vat of acid.

After the adventure escalates, Morty suggests that he and Rick move to another universe, referencing the events of “Rick Potion #9” and “Solaricks”.

Cultural references

The title of the episode is a reference to the movie A Kid in King Arthur’s Court.

In the sun, Rick made a science joke: they treat the power like a magical thing, when this medieval Asgardian culture is really just advanced science that most people don’t understand, about Thor from the MCU.

When Rick gives Morty a sword with an A.I. that he learns his opponents’ attacks, he says that the sword has seen Blade before and loved it.

Rick also references Deacon Frost, the main villain in the film.

Mongo Bongo resembles the title character in the TV series, Columbo.

The song that plays during the battles of the planets is Goodbye Blue Sky by Pink Floyd, an anti-war song that appeared as The Wall.


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