Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 8 Analyze Piss

Watch Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 8 English

Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 8 Analyze Piss

After a somewhat unsuccessful battle with Mr. Nimbus, Rick and Morty once again find themselves confronted by various random “90s supervillains” to get Rick. Morty urges Rick to go to therapy and figure out what he’s doing that has so many random baddies wanting to fight him. Dr. Wong questions Rick and suggests that he just ignore them and give him the task of proving them wrong with scientific evidence. Rick takes on the task, which the family initially praises, until a new villain named Pissmaster arrives at the Smith residence and begins bullying the family, including making rude remarks towards Summer. Fed up with Rick’s lack of action, Jerry instead confronts Pissmaster and beats the man into submission while their neighbors film the ordeal.

Jerry is soon hailed a hero for his actions and is approached to join an intergalactic council of heroes centered around a (sticky) ball of power. Unsure of what to do with the orb, Jerry accepts Rick’s help and he reluctantly builds an exo-suit that harnesses the orb’s powers. Jerry quickly becomes an intergalactic hero with the suit, making Rick jealous. He confronts Dr. Wong and claims her advice didn’t work, but Dr. Wong points out that by not meddling in galactic affairs, Rick has achieved what he wanted: he is unencumbered by the need to prove his power to other people, so he doesn’t have to interfere with the rest of the galaxy.

Rick is relieved at first, but soon finds himself bored. Hearing that the Pissmaster is now considered the laughing stock of the universe, Rick finds himself sympathizing with his thwarted enemy and decides to reach out. However, upon arriving at the Pissmaster’s home, Rick is horrified to learn that he committed suicide, with a note claiming it was because of Jerry. Rick decides to redeem the Pissmaster in the eyes of his family and the public by disguising himself as the Pissmaster and committing various heroic acts that plan to culminate in the Pissmaster heroically sacrificing himself—to his surprise, no doubt confused by the voices of Dr. Wonga for making him happy, it’s worth it. His actions catch the attention of the council, causing a shift in opinion of Jerry due to his justified dislike of the Pissmaster.

The council forces Jerry to grant the Pissmaster an orb of power, which Jerry violently attempts, interfering with Rick’s plans and ultimately revealing his identity to the family. Fed up with the two’s behavior, the council rescinds its offer and expels Jerry from the council. Unwilling to reveal that Pissmaster killed himself because of Jerry, Rick claims he was Pissmaster all along, which the family accepts despite the apparent inconsistencies. However, when they get home, Rick panics and shows Morty the real Pissmaster’s suicide note. Morty refuses to keep it a secret and immediately tells the entire family, who begin berating Rick for his actions at the end of the episode.

In the post-credits scene, the council discusses who to invite to replace Jerry, and finally decides on Mr. Nimbus. 


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