Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 2 Rick: A Mort Well Lived

Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 2 Rick: A Mort Well Lived

Rick, Morty and Summer’s trip to Blips and Chitz goes awry when a bunch of aliens raid the arcade. Morty, who was playing Roy: A Life Well Lived when the gang attacked, gets stuck in the game with his mind spread across various NPCs, forcing Rick to go into the game as Roy and try to get Morty out. Meanwhile, Summer is instructed by Rick to “do Die Hard” to fight the aliens (who are revealed to be led by a certified Die Hard expert), even though she hasn’t seen the movie. He ends up using this to his advantage, surprising the aliens by not following the tropes used in Deadly Heavy.


Inside the game, Rick (as Roy) tries to explain to NPCs that they are all his grandson stuck in a video game. The explanation develops in a new religion among the multi-Morty population that splits into different cults, eventually leading to religious wars. In order to get Morty out of the game with his mind intact, Rick must get all the Mortys to agree to fly into space beyond the programmed edges of the game, forcing it to reset and eject their minds back into their real bodies. Rick finds a Morty named Marta, who is fully aware of his existence as part of Morty’s complete mind, and they team up to take on the mission of uniting the Mortys. Years pass in the game and they manage to get up to 92% of the world’s population to agree to leave, but the remaining 8% who also realized they are in a video game a long time ago refuse because they feel that the real Rick actually despises them, he’s never said “I love you” to any Morty in all the decades in the game, and it’s better if they live a full life in the game. Marta-Morty asks Rick to tell them he loves Morty and they all agree to leave, but Rick’s awkward hesitation only proves their point. Another decade passed and Marta eventually joined the opposite side and rejected Rick’s attempts to free them. She eventually loses the will to continue fighting as some of Morty’s NPCs, including her father, age and die. Even her own children decide to join Rick. She orders the Mortys to leave the game, but tells Rick that she herself will stay behind. The Mortys of the world board spaceships and fly into space beyond the boundaries of the game.


Rick and Morty are freed from the game and injected into their real bodies just in time to help Summer, who manages to defeat the alien gang one last time by reading the Die Hard plot summary and for once actually performing one of her tropes. (ie taping a gun to her back). The three leave Blitz and Chips, but not before it is revealed to the audience that Rick paid for Roy: A Life Well Lived to stay on so that Marta-Morty could live out the rest of her life in peace.


In the post-credits scene, a gang of aliens is trying to make Die Hard 3, which is made difficult by the fact that their previous leader died while playing the role of Hans Gruber in Blips and Chitz.


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