Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 3 Bethic Twinstinct

Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 3 Bethic Twinstinct

Following her promise in “Solaricks”, Space Beth returns to the Smith Family home for Thanksgiving. During her stay, her relationship with Beth develops after they bond over a bottle of Venusian wine. Eventually, their casual flirtation develops into a full-fledged love affair. Summer and Morty are the first to notice and quickly become obsessed with playing an ultra-realistic alien video game in an attempt to avoid thinking. Rick finds out what’s going on and tells Beth that while he understands (having done something similar himself over the years), she has to think about how this will affect her family: he, Morty, and Summer quickly become interested in Jerry, who had previously claimed that he would kill himself if Beth left him. When Beth begins to express doubts, Space Beth confesses to the affair in front of Jerry, who promptly packs a bug (a protocol that Rick built into him that he forgot). Rick reveals that Jerry can only get out of the bug by his own choice, and trying to force him out will only make it worse.

While Rick joins Morty and Summer and focuses on realistic video games, the two Beths soon discover their fundamental difference in how they feel about Jerry: Space Beth thinks he’s pathetic and would rather keep him in a pill shell, while Beth she still loves and tries to encourage him to come out. In the end, the two Beths decide to erase their knowledge of each other’s existence using Rick’s memory erasing machine, despite Rick pointing out that he would leave it to the rest of the family to deal with the knowledge of what had happened. Overhearing this, Jerry leaves the shell and declares that he won’t let them lobotomize him, but says he’s still leaving Beth. In the end, it turns out that Jerry is more annoyed that the two Beths hook up behind his back than that they did, and he actually quite enjoys being snogged. As Rick, Morty and Summer listen uncomfortably from the dining room table, Jerry and the two Beths have an increasingly sexual conversation that culminates in the three hooking up. Rick is forced to calm Morty and Summer down when they finally break down over the situation.

Space Beth says goodbye to her family while promising to keep an eye on her space grandson. Rick quickly gets rid of the Venusian wine that apparently caused the two Beths to fall in love.

During the post-credits scene, Jerry visits Jerryboree in an apparent attempt to gain the same love interest for himself as Beth. The receptionist won’t let him because Jerryboree has had a problem with it in the past, but he runs into a stray Jerry on the street with a similar desire. The two shared a quick kiss before deciding their curiosity was satisfied and quickly parting ways.


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