Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 4 Night Family

Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 4 Night Family

Beth has trouble falling asleep because of Jerry’s snoring and tries to sleep on the couch. However, she is startled by Rick doing push-ups on the living room floor. Rick then leaves the room without saying anything. At breakfast, Rick explains to Beth that what she saw was his “night person”. Rick has purchased a machine from the Goobie-Joob System called the “Somnambulator” that allows him to program his unconscious body to do things while he sleeps that he doesn’t have time to do while awake. As a result, he now has abs because Night Rick works out so much. Naturally, the rest of the family wants a piece of the action and demands to have nocturnal versions of themselves. Rick initially refuses, but eventually relents.

At first, the family is quite content with their nocturnal selves doing their chores and boring routines, training their bodies for the waking family. Beth learns to play the trumpet, Summer learns Spanish, Morty joins Rick in his squats and gains his own impressive abs (with the two starting a podcast on the subject), while Jerry becomes friends with Night Jerry. However, one day Jerry tells Rick that he had a request from Night Summer that the Day Family start rinsing their dishes after use to make them easier to wash. Rick is enraged by this request and tells the rest of the family that he doesn’t mean to because the point of night people is to do the shit that day people don’t want to do. The next morning, the Smith family wakes up to find all their dishes broken by their nighttime selves in defiance. Rick responds by asking the favor of an evil alien from another planet to make unbreakable plates.

That evening, the Night Family takes revenge. Led by Night Summer, she ties Rick up and forces him to eat leftovers on plates until he vomits. They also get rid of all the furnishings of the house and hide the Somnambulator to prevent Rick from destroying it (that would destroy the Night Family). Taking this as a declaration of war, Rick creates a suit to keep Summer from falling asleep and has her go undercover that evening to find the Somnambulator and destroy it. Unfortunately, it fails as Night Summer takes control right before Summer can. Night Rick cuts Day Rick off from all his technology and builds robots to enslave the Day Family.

After working as slaves for days, the family is able to escape with the help of Night Jerry (through his friendship with Day Jerry) and attempt to escape the Somnambulator’s reach; however, every time one of them is knocked out or sedated by the robots, their night version takes over and the others try to wake them up. This leads to a car chase as each member of the family is knocked out and woken up multiple times, adding more chaos and confusion to the situation. Eventually, Night Summer offers Day Rick a truce; they let the Day Family go when they promise to wash the dishes. Day Rick still refuses, so the Night Family takes full control.

Months later, after going on several expensive vacations and living lives of luxury, the Night Family is completely penniless, realizing that the Day Family has been properly taking care of their finances. Deciding that being in control isn’t worth it anymore, the Night Family destroy the Somnambulator themselves and release the Smith Family. Everyone wakes up disoriented and Rick checks to see what’s going on and discovers the terrible news that Choco Taco has been discontinued, much to everyone’s devastation.


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