Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 5 Final DeSmithation

Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 5 Final DeSmithation

The Smith family dines at Panda Express and discuss the next day’s trip to the zoo. Jerry complains that the place is giving him diarrhea, though the others point out that it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t been eating animal food. When the meal is over, the family receives their fortune cookies, with Summer pointing out that they only come true if the cookie is eaten first. While the rest of the family gets generic nonsense, Jerry’s fortune is, “You’re going to have sex with your mother,” much to everyone’s shock and dismay.

Jerry becomes paranoid that his luck might come true, even though he would apparently never have sex with his mother. Beth begs him to ignore it, while Morty and Summer are amused and start making fun of him. Jerry’s nerves get worse when his mother starts calling him more as he tries to ignore her and begs Rick to investigate or use science to make it impossible. Rick refuses to state that using science to make something impossible usually ends up making it still possible.

Jerry tries to tape his genitals while Morty and Summer continue to play various pranks on Jerry (including hiding a stuffed doll made to look like Jerry’s mom in his closet, which repeatedly falls on him, making it look like he’s performing fellatio) . Jerry becomes so paranoid that he even starts dressing up as Morty because Morty’s mom is Beth. Space Beth arrives to pick up the family for a trip to the zoo, but Rick asks Jerry to stay behind because he’s getting strange fortune readings from Jerry’s probability field. The rest of the family leaves, and Rick admits that he made it up to get Jerry out of visiting the zoo, admitting that even though he doesn’t like Jerry, he has a right to take it seriously. Rick turns on his device and is startled to find that it is registering Jerry’s fortune, and decides to conduct a test by getting two boxes with holes, writing Jerry’s mom’s name in one and asking him to pick one hole to stick his penis into . Rick repeats the test several times, sometimes switching boxes, and is worried when Jerry keeps picking the box with mom. Rick decides to do something he would never willingly choose… go to Panda Express. He reasons that someone is trying to get his attention (he mentions that all the restaurant had to do was get a liquor license).

When he arrives with Jerry and announces his presence to the backstage staff, he finds himself in a gunfight, which he easily manages to kill most of the staff. However, they discover that the Panda Express employees are actually running a meth ring (which Rick apparently doesn’t mind due to his aversion to the concept of laws) and have nothing to do with the fortune cookies they receive from the usual distributor. Rick apologizes to the two remaining employees for murdering their colleagues (which they accept, saying it’s part of the risk) and agrees not to turn them over to the cops in exchange for a fortune cookie truck.

When they take a truck to a factory where a fortune is made, they discover that they come from a building that is too extravagant for a company that makes something that is given away for free. As they enter and skip retina scans, they find hundreds of similar trucks and cameras everywhere. Rick disguises himself to blend in by summoning the Eye of Thunder, then makes Jerry look like an assistant with a transformation sequence lifted from Sailor Moon.

Infiltrating the factory, the pair quickly realize that the company controls destiny for profit. Jerry wants Rick to blow up the factory, but Rick would rather take over the factory. Soon after, they run into two security guards, who use emergency fortune cookies to defeat Rick in combat. Left with no other choice, Rick jumps into the vent to escape, using Jerry as a human shield. Jerry survives and is also taken inside the vent. The CEO of the factory, Jennith Padrow-Chunt, sees photos of Jerry and discovers the outstanding fortune and tells the guards to get Jerry’s mother into the factory.

While crawling through the vent, Jerry expresses anger at Rick for using him as a human shield. Rick explains that because Jerry has an unregistered fortune, he literally cannot die until his fortune is fulfilled (in this case, until he has sex with his mother). The two eventually find their way to the room where the fortune cookies are made. In the middle of the room, a huge alien is chained to the ceiling, feeding him glowing capsules and pulling out fortune cookies while an old man puts fortunes into the cookies. Rick explains to Jerry that the alien is a Lockerean and that it feeds on chaos. This particular Lockerean has a digestive problem that causes him to strip away the randomness of the chaos, leaving familiar results in the form of fortune cookies. The old man introduces himself as Old Man Hucksbee, who explains the Fortune 500’s plan: to increase the value of real assets by mass-producing many worthless ones. Apparently, Old Man Hucksbee has also fallen in love with Lockerean and wants to escape the factory with him, so he puts a strange fortune (including Jerry’s) in the cookies in hopes that someone will explore the factory, find and free him. Just then, Jennith Padrow-Chunt arrives with Jerry’s mother and many armed guards.

Knowing that Jerry is immortal until he has sex with his mother, Jennith pushes Mrs. Smith towards him and tries to get them to have sex. Jerry runs away while Rick fights the soldiers, who all have special powers because they all enjoy battle wealth. He uses their wealth against them before jumping into several boxes of fortune cookies to eat some random ones in hopes of finding something good. The first batch of wealth doesn’t really have any effects, so Rick eventually decides to feed the soldiers empty wealth, which has completely unpredictable negative effects. Rick eventually realizes that Jennith is immortal until her fortune is fulfilled, which is to become the most successful businesswoman of all time. He fills this fortune by hacking the financial company Goldman Sachs, buying everything from Jennith, wiping out all her accounts and sending the remaining money back to Goldman Sachs. Enraged, Jennith swallows many fortune cookies and turns into a blob-like monster. Rick frees the Lockerean, who swallows Jennith and Old Man Hucksbee.

Unfortunately, the chaos isn’t over yet, as Jerry trips over a chaos capsule while running away from his mother and it turns into a black hole. Rick grabs the Lockerean and prevents it from being sucked in. However, he sees Jerry’s mother getting a leg while being sucked towards the black hole. Jerry’s pants are also sucked and he’s now sucked right up to her, so Rick releases Lockerean to pick up the empty fortune and use a cybernetic implant to print “Jerry no sex mom” on it. At the last second, he rushes in and throws the fortune into Jerry’s mouth, causing the black hole to disappear before their genitals touch.

When Rick and Jerry arrive home, Jerry thanks Rick and calls him a friend. However, this angers Rick, who is revealed to have eaten a fortune cookie with a fortune saying “You’ll make a new friend”. By calling Rick a friend, Jerry accidentally destroyed Rick’s immortality. Rick punches Jerry in the face, causing him to cry. After Rick apologizes, Jerry forgives him and the two go inside.

In the post-credits scene, Morty, Summer, Beth, and Space Beth are in the gift shop at the zoo. Morty watches a commercial for a zoo that was focused on zebras. People in the zoo started eating zebra food and then fought and killed each other over it. Morty starts off confused about the purpose of the ad and why there was zebra food in the gift shop before deducing that it was them at the zoo and that it was a human zoo.


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