Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 6 Juricksic Mort

Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 6  Juricksic Mort

Morty is going to be late for school and asks Rick to help him get there on time. Rick tries to use his portal gun he’s been working on. However, the portal weapon is still somewhat useless as all it does is summon a Cthulhu-like beast. Rick kicks things off and decides to just drive Morty to school. On the way, Morty picks up a portal gun, and Rick tells him that every time someone picks up a portal gun, it demotivates him to fix it, and that this is his “process”.

When Morty arrives at school, mysterious giant spaceships are landing all over Earth. The spaceships contain dinosaurs who are shocked to discover that the dinosaurs on Earth have become extinct and that the planet is now ruled by evolved apes. When these dinosaurs left Earth, the world was a utopia where technology was only used for the good of all living creatures. Their technology was so advanced that they decided to travel to the far corners of the galaxy and help other planets achieve the same level of peace. However, upon returning, they see that humanity has not used their technology to build a utopia, so they decide to take matters into their own hands again. At a UN meeting, three dinosaur leaders – Tyrannosaurus, Brachiosaurus and Triceratops – convince the leaders of the planet to take a vacation and enjoy life while they change the world for the better. Dinosaurs end world hunger, eliminate the need for work, and solve all of humanity’s other problems.

Everyone can now enjoy their lives and Morty, Summer and Beth end up getting very bored because they have nothing to do. Jerry finally manages to publish his book called “Never Trying Never Fails”. The President calls Rick to meet him at a restaurant called “Bar-Beau-Q”. Tired of doing nothing all day, the President asks Rick to get rid of the dinosaurs, but the presence of the dinosaurs does not affect Rick as he is used to living without responsibility. The president makes a deal with Rick: if he gets rid of the dinosaurs, Rick can host the 95th annual Academy Awards. Rick accepts.

Rick and Morty meet the three dinosaur leaders. Rick introduces himself as the most powerful human alive and tells the dinosaurs that he is willing to share the secret of interdimensional travel so they can spread their culture across other universes. The dinosaurs respond by saying that they discovered interdimensional travel years ago and that they have a strict “one universe” policy. They also tell Rick that his portal method of travel is suboptimal, give him an upgraded portal gun, and even volunteer to close the interdimensional rift that Evil Morty left behind. After sending Rick and Morty back to their house, Rick becomes enraged, destroys the portal gun, and decides to travel to some of the planets previously traveled to by the dinosaurs.

As Rick travels to other planets with Morty, he discovers that every planet that previously contained dinosaurs has been destroyed by giant meteors, and now each planet has a different species with its own explanation for craters and dinosaur fossils – from dinosaurs using the craters. as amphitheaters to their use as skate parks. As it turns out, the evolution of the dinosaurs into morally perfect creatures led the universe to seek balance by carrying some of the creatures that wreak havoc across the galaxy, and these creatures were sentient meteors looking for their enemy: the dinosaurs.

Back on Earth, the dinosaurs turn Jerry’s book into a handbook for humanity to survive the lack of trouble. Unfortunately for Jerry, he didn’t get credit, as the dinosaurs believe the author of the manual simply wanted to spread the word and didn’t expect credit. Rick and Morty return to Earth and Rick reveals that a screaming meteor is headed their way, causing the entire human population to revolt against the dinosaurs.

After spending some time devising a non-violent solution to the meteor problem, the dinosaurs decide to leave Earth for its own good. The planet is reverting back to its old state of war, crime, hunger, pollution and destruction of natural resources. However, people are satisfied because they have so many problems that distract them from the emptiness of existence. Rick celebrates his win during the 95th Annual Academy Awards. Still, when he learns backstage that the dinosaurs are on Mars, ready to sacrifice themselves to the meteors, he leaves in a hurry.

Rick travels to Mars and claims he will wait for a killer meteor with dinosaurs and risk his life out of pettiness. The meteor is fast approaching and the dinosaurs try to teleport Rick away, but he has dino-proved himself so they can’t do it. The dinosaurs are troubled by the idea of ​​a meteor killing a human, so eventually one of the dinosaurs resorts to destroying the rock. To get Rick back, the dinosaurs close a rift in the Central Final Curve, and Rick desperately screams that the rift could have been used to milk a full season, or “at least a three-episode arc”, subtly referencing Gravity Falls’ Weirdmageddon event. He ends up channeling his energy into repairing his portal gun while Jerry attempts to write the second book.

In the post-credits scene, the dinosaurs are now on another unknown planet where they are actually using the crater as a skate park.


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