Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 1 Solaricks

Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 1 Solaricks

After being stranded in the remains of the Citadel following the events of the previous episode, Rick and Morty are rescued by Space Beth and brought home. Rick tries to repair his portal gun from Evil Morty’s sabotage by resetting the portal fluid, but accidentally causes a malfunction that causes all the people who used portals to be sent back to their original dimensions – including Jerry, due to the events of “Mortynight Run”. He gives Summer instructions on how to get them back before the portal travelers are knocked out: Jerry to his original dimension after the Jerryboree swap, Morty to the Cronenberged dimension, and Rick to the C-137 dimension.

Rick collects the materials he needs from his old house while conversing with the AI ​​Diane Sanchez that he once created to “haunt” him. He decides that he has been holding onto her death and his plan for revenge for too long and decides to move on and truly settle into the Smith family he has come to care for. However, as she leaves the dimension through the wormhole created by Summer, the AI ​​suggests that Rick, who killed her, and Beth (Rick Prime) would also be sent back to their original dimension by Rick’s mistake with the portal fluid. In the Cronenberged dimension, Morty meets his father, who is traveling alone after the deaths of his Beth and Summer and has adapted Rick’s nihilistic philosophy: he rejects Morty’s attempts to reconnect, reminding him that he left the dimension and his family twice. . Rick arrives to pick up Morty and reveals that the Cronenberged dimension is actually Rick Prime’s home dimension, and that Rick originally settled here in hopes of catching him one day if he returns. They break into Rick Prime’s lair and find either him or his clone in a test tube while Rick Prime’s previous recordings mock him. Rick goes on the attack, seeking revenge again for what Rick Prime did to his family, but Morty convinces him to back off, reminding him that he has his family back in another dimension to take care of.

Space Beth finds herself in a feud between Beth and Summer, with Summer trying to bond with Space Beth as her cool “space mom”. The pair of Beth argue over this while raiding the Citadel and fighting the fifth-dimensional monsters that came from the wormhole, though Summer manages to convince them to back off. After Rick and Morty return and save them from some aliens, they retrieve Jerry from his original dimension, the one where the divorce never happened and the Smith family’s relationship is almost where it was in season 2 – making Jerry appreciate the short , when he and Beth divorced. Before leaving, Jerry berates his original family for their behavior and declares himself an interdimensional traveler.

The family returns to Dimension C-131 where they encounter Jerry, who has been brought back to the house and is showering upstairs while waiting for them to sort everything out. However, he accidentally releases a cute but deadly Boogens parasite named Mr. Frundles, who takes over the world in a matter of seconds, forcing the entire family and Space Beth to move to another alternate dimension where they coincidentally died at the exact moment of the “natural” cause – the only major difference being that the inhabitants of that dimension pronounce “Parmesan” Strangely. In the new dimension, Beth and Space Beth make peace with each other while Morty asks Rick if he is being used as bait for Rick Prime. Rick confirms that Rick Prime simply does not care about his family, noting that in some ways Rick Prime is “the real deal”.

In the Cronenberged dimension, Jerry meets none other than Rick Prime himself (he really was inside the tube), who asks about Rick and Morty’s whereabouts. Jerry feigns interest in the Alliance to defeat them before slitting Rick Prime’s throat. Rick Prime reveals that he can regenerate quickly and promptly shoots Jerry, expressing some admiration for Jerry’s unusual ruthlessness before finishing him off, wondering how he got into the Cronenberged dimension.


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