Rick and Morty season 5 Episode 10 Rickmurai Jack

Watch Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 10 Rickmurai Jack

Rick and Morty season 5 Episode 10 Rickmurai Jack

Rick, now fully immersed in the show “Rick and Two Crows”, has become an anime protagonist who fights anthropomorphic owls using bird-related gadgets, his crows by his side. After defeating some in combat, Morty approaches him, desperate to pull himself together. Rick awkwardly turns him down. Some time later, Rick is approached at a bar by a middle-aged Morty, saying that Rick has been gone so long that Jerry died of cancer and Summer married a junkie. He begs Rick to come home, but Rick refuses him again.

The Crows sneak out at night to plan an adventure with Crowscare, Rick’s nemesis. Realizing that the crows are using him to get over the breakup the same way he used them, Rick returns home only to find that Morty is lying and has taken the anti-aging serum from Ricks Citadel to emotionally blackmail him. After Morty properly ages, he notices a deformed Morty raving about the Citadel being an inevitable weapon of mass destruction before being shot by the police. President Morty invites the two to dinner with him, with Rick expressing his doubts and planning to leave if things turn sour.

During dinner, President Morty suggests that Rick built the Citadel and asks Rick for information on how to “lower the central final curve”. When Rick refuses, President Morty reveals that he kept a partial brain scan of Rick’s evil Rick from “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind”, completing it while Rick was sitting at the table, and states that he has enough to do , what he needs. . As Morty apologizes to Rick for bringing him to the Citadel, President Morty, disgusted, uses a brain scanning device to show Morty visions of Rick, as the leader of the Citadel, who had previously let Mortys torture, use him as a job, and leave him to parent. lives manipulated specifically to create more Mortys. He allows the two to leave, but Rick realizes that his portal weapon has been hacked (with internal coordinates locked to the Blender dimension) after a guard pushes Rick into it and sees the result. Rick C-137 then recognizes President Morty as the “evil” variant he had previously met in person, the only person to ever hack his portal weapon.

The Citadel’s portals collapse, killing anyone who tries to enter them, despite broadcast warnings telling them not to. Rick and Morty go underground to try to find the unused portal fluid, seeing the deformed Mortys being used as slave labor. When Morty presses Rick about his involvement with the Citadel, Rick gives him a brain scanner and Morty uses it to see Rick’s story.

After Beth and Diane are murdered by another Rick (first shown in “The Rickhank Redemption”), Rick C-137 refines his portal technology and uses it for dimensional exploration and research. He begins selling weapons and murdering those who cross him, later meeting Birdperson and joining the fight in the resistance, before immediately going their separate ways after the Battle of Blood Ridge. He sets out to kill Rick, who murdered his family, massacring hundreds of versions of himself to find his target. A large number of Ricks from the multiverse hold a conference to decide how to stop Rick, who decides to crash the meeting, kill the speaker, and tirelessly slaughter a large number of the audience with explosives. After Rick eventually tires of it, the survivors gather in the Council of Ricks and build the Citadel with Rick’s help. Upon completion, he crash lands on the version of Earth where Beth is still alive and settles there, taking Morty as his sidekick.

The two arrive at the Citadel’s Dimensional Drive, where Evil Morty explains that the Central Finite Curve is a multidimensional wall that separates all infinite universes where Rick is not the smartest man alive from all infinite universes where he is the smartest man alive. Evil Morty intends to break through so he can live completely away from Rick. He claims that what makes him “evil” is hating Rick and wanting to leave, and if Morty ever felt the same way, then they are “evil” too. Morty dubiously asks Rick if he came back to him because he got over the crows or because they got over him: Rick is unable to answer. At the same time, Evil Morty turns on the machine, which is powered by the blood of hundreds of Operation Phoenix clones, all diverted to the Citadel.

Seeing Rick’s deception again, Evil Morty offers Morty the chance to go with him. Rick himself admits that this is a better solution than staying with him, but Morty refuses and decides to stay with his grandfather. The portal weapon is empty, the two escape the Citadel by detaching a part of it and flying away, loading it with Mortys and activating the booster together, just as Evil Morty uses his machine to tear apart the curve and blasts through it in a small spaceship. . When he comes out the other side, he sees the rest of the multiverse and smiles as he activates a hologram on his wrist that shows all the universes forming the central final curve cracking and disappearing. Finally, he opens a golden portal with an upgraded weapon and goes through it.

In the post-credits scene, Mr. Poopybutthole talks to the audience about the end of the “Evil Morty” arc and the breakdown of his relationship with his wife after Rick caused him to lose his job in “One Crew Over the Crewcoo’s Morty”, hypothesizing that becomes “evil” himself (shown in “Never Ricking Morty”). As he prepares dinner in a small apartment, he challenges the audience to return love to those who love them. 


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