Rick and Morty season 5 Episode 9 Forgetting Sarick Mortshall

Watch Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 9 Forgetting Sarick Mortshall

Rick and Morty season 5 Episode 9 Forgetting Sarick Mortshall

Morty travels from dimension to dimension and cleans up the mess Rick left behind from their adventures. As he finishes his bucket list, he returns to the garage, only to find that Rick has marked a notch on his container of portal fluid so he knows if Morty used the portal gun. In a panic, Morty mixes Mountain Dew with the remaining liquid that the gun seems to be taking. He accidentally spills the remaining portal fluid on his palm, which creates a small portal that spews out junk, showing him a man named Nick, who tells Morty that he has a portal on his thigh and calls it his “hiding place”.

Rick discovers that Morty tampered with the weapon, and enraged decides to have Morty replaced by the name wheel, opting for two crows. Nick, who is somehow familiar with Rick, cites their relationship as abusive and encourages Morty to accept the change, while Rick easily captures and trains the two crows. Morty tracks Nick down and finds him in a mental institution. Embarrassed, Nick explains that he met Rick at a bar and became overly curious about his portal weapon, leading Rick to shoot him from a catapult and force a mental breakdown. Morty and Nick use their portals to fight the abusive hospital staff and nickname themselves “The Portal Boys”.

During a mission, the Crows try to rescue a group of tortured aliens for a valuable artifact, leading Rick to dump them on a planet of intelligent aliens. The aliens tear down his ship, offended by the idea of ​​him abandoning their species, and help Rick become more in tune with the crows. Nick and Morty break into the garage, where Nick helps Morty vent his anger against Rick by trashing the place and taking an empty prototype portal gun. When Rick returns to Earth with the crow aliens and sees the destroyed garage, they notice the bike and realize that Rick’s crow training was all an elaborate joke. The furious aliens transform all the crows in the area and take Rick’s crows and he chases after them.

Nick and Morty go to Rick’s portal fluid supplier and things get violent when Nick pulls a gun. He incapacitates Nick as he shoots unarmed civilians and escapes. When Rick crashes into the crow ship and is quickly captured by the aliens, Morty calls him and answers. Morty apologizes for lying to him, and Rick admits that the crows were just a little. When his crows hear this, they allow themselves to be turned into crow aliens by a large energy egg. His crows pretend to attack him, but they actually reconnect their laser wires and use them to kill the aliens and destroy the egg, which changes them back.

Morty is attacked by Nick, who drives his car off the road and corners it on the tracks. He inadvertently exposes his story about how Rick hurt him as a lie, and Morty, realizing he must disconnect their portals, cuts off his hand under the train wheel and drops it into Nick’s thigh, creating a singularity that destroys him. When Rick saw Morty outside the house as he flew down in the crow ship, his hand grew back and rejected their partnership, declaring that he was a bad partner and that Morty would be better off without him. Morty tearfully watches as Rick cleans up the garage and waves goodbye, leaving in a crow boat to start the “Rick and the Two Crows” show, which he doesn’t announce to anyone in his drunken ramble.

In the post-credits scene, the alien who eats Rick’s garbage, which has been dubbed “Garbage Goober” is confronted by his wife. She reminds him that his job is not what he signed up for and that he is a doctor and deserves respect. When Garbage Goober finally agrees to ask the family for dignity, Summer offers him garbage to eat and he eagerly leaves to go consume it.


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