Rick and Morty season 5 Episode 1 Mort Dinner Rick Andre

Watch Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 1 Mort Dinner Rick Andre

Rick and Morty season 5 Episode 1 Mort Dinner Rick Andre

A mortally wounded Rick is carried by Morty as he escapes the warring dimension. However, their ship and its controls are damaged beyond repair, and Rick passes out from his injuries before he can repair them. Morty realizes that they are about to die, either by re-entry or by impact, so he decides to call Jessica and confess his feelings to her, blaming the timing for not doing it sooner. However, Jessica reveals that she has been interested in Morty for some time and asks to visit his house to watch a movie. Invigorated by this revelation, Morty tries to regain control of the ship, which he manages at the last minute, but hits a palm tree that catapults him back into the Gulf of Mexico. Despite the nature of his injuries, Rick wakes up to see where they’ve landed and tries to escape with Morty in a panic, but is too late as his old archenemy, Mr. Nimbus, appears and yells at Rick for trespassing. an ancient treaty.

Back at the Smith residence, Rick is frustrated setting the table for dinner between himself and Mr. Nimbus. Despite Morty’s attempts to get out of it, Rick assigns him as “booze” for dinner when he leaves several cases of wine in a “Narnia-like dimension” because Mr. Nimbus prefers his wine aged for several centuries. Mr. Nimbus arrives and directs the police to do random things after Jerry tries to call them to get him out of the house. Jessica arrives shortly after and Morty rushes her into the living room and makes her pick whatever she wants on the TV while he attends to Mr. Nimbus’ wine requests. Back in the Narnia Dimension, he meets a couple who have kept the wine safe for decades and give him love advice on a date with Jessica. However, once they return, Mr. Nimbus consumes them in a split second and, to his dismay, orders Morty to get another one. He returns back only to find the deranged son of the couple he met minutes earlier trying to kill him for murdering his parents. Morty leaves briefly to calm down before returning and kills the couple’s now old son in front of his children. Realizing that he had told them the truth, they apologized to him shortly before dying from his injuries and swore a blood oath to kill Morty if he returned.

As time goes on, the farm evolves into a fortress and then a fortress into a castle, with all its inhabitants determined to kill Morty. Believing that they will achieve this when he returns for more wine, they begin shooting at him, forcing him to retreat. Fed up with all these setbacks, Morty equips himself with all the weapons and armor he can get his hands on and in a fit of rage massacres the entire castle’s inhabitants. He finds the rest of the wine and heads back, unaware that he left the levitation glove for a group of survivors to retrieve.

In the end, with all of this, Morty gives all the wine to Mr. Nimbus, except for one bottle, which he sneaks into the living room for himself and Jessica to share. He tries to apologize for keeping her waiting, but she ignores it all and kisses him. Before it goes any further, they decide to drink some wine and find the bottle opener, but Rick tries to drag him away to witness the “contract” he and Nimbus are making. At the same moment, a dog-horse specimen named Adam (who is the son of the woman who found Morty’s levitation glove in the ruins of the castle after it was destroyed by Morty’s hands) dons an electric suit, opens a portal, and comes into the kitchen. intending to kill Morty. Despite his best efforts (and after being interrupted by Mr. Nimbus), he is defeated by Jessica, who, after finding the bottle opener, uses it to pierce the tube connected to his suit. This causes his suit to implode (after a brief vision where Adam encounters a giant owl-like creature) and subsequently causes the tube to rupture, striking and connecting with the can opener Jessica was still holding in her left hand, subsequently sucking Jessica head first into the Narnia dimension as she returns to her original point.

Meanwhile, Rick and Mr. Nimbus argue over the terms, as Rick snaps and yells at Mr. Nimbus, claiming that he doesn’t need anyone or him to make him feel better, though Nimbus suggests that he turned into an empty shell of himself because of Diane. , causing Rick to strangle him. Meanwhile, Morty is tricked into captivity by the robots and sees Jessica, seemingly unconscious, encased in a crystal above him. As the robot scientist monologues about why society chose him over them for petty revenge, Morty manages to break free of his inhibitions and free Jessica. On the way back, they are surrounded by robots. Rick sees Morty and Jessica struggling to break free from the robotic tentacle and attempts to save them, only to get rid of Mr. Nimbus, but is also pulled into the dimension and his weapons are taken away, forcing him to run into a corral with Morty and Jessica. Just when all seemed lost, a huge wave of water rushed in along with an army of sea creatures and engulfed the entire dimension. It was revealed that Mr. Nimbus had been secretly following Rick and saved him from the robots, causing Rick to reconcile with him.

Back at the residence, Rick and Mr. Nimbus began to get along well when Summer returned with a shell she got from fighting deep sea creatures in the Mariana Trench, completely destroying their relationship again, and Mr. Nimbus beat Rick up. before controlling the police to arrest him. At the same time, it was revealed that Jessica, who was unfortunately revealed to actually be fully conscious after spending centuries in the crystal, opened up to time and went on a philosophical rant before calling off her date with Morty, saying: they should just be friends. As he walks into the night, he knocks over a nearby driver and declares himself the god of time.

Afterwards, Beth and Jerry head to Mr. Nimbus to accept an offer to have a threesome with him after seeing his approval of them as a “progressive couple”. They begin to have some doubts that they will make it, until Mr. Nimbus opens the door and the couple timidly rush into his arms.


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