Rick and Morty season 4 Episode 10 Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri

Watch Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 10 Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri


The episode opens with a version of Beth leading a group of Galactic Federation troops. Beth quickly finished off most of them, leaving one guard alive. She told the guard her name and told him to say that Defiance lives on the highest bugs. The bug keeper agrees to make sure to make her a legend, though he found it difficult to form such an idea because Beth’s name is so clear. The guards then forget Beth’s name, but then Beth kills him.

The next scene looks like the secret base where Beth is being held. Beth fixes her shoulder while watching a commercial about a planet-destroying machine. The doctor fixing Beth’s arm tells Beth if she ever missed Earth. Beth tells him that she is aware that there was a clone of her on Earth that “technically” put her there. The Doctor points out that Beth had a proximity device around her neck. She thinks the bomb indicated that Rick didn’t really want Beth back and that he liked the clone better. He then offers Beth a drug to help her with her “soul crushing”, but it was addictive. But he trades for the right one and then eats one.

Now back on Earth, Beth talks about Dr. Wong is open to family therapy. Rick then tries to act like he’s disintegrated, but Morty points out that Rick simply used an invisibility belt. Jerry proves this by grabbing Rick’s crouch and Rick unmasks himself. Morty says he wanted to use the belt, even though Rick never let him. Summer said if she can use the belt to piss off Morty. Rick gives Summer the belt with a smug look at Morty. Summer turns invisible when Morty tries to take him from Summer. Beth stops Morty and says that both Summer and Morty should share it. Jerry enters with the “Mr. Nibbles” puppet. Morty then runs to catch Summer as she leaves the front door. Rick tells both Jerry and Beth that they can’t control their children and that it was a good thing Dr. Wong available. Rick leaves the scene and enters his garage where he has ordered the garage into “family therapy mode”.

Garage seals all openings with laser and doors. However, the other version of Beth stands in front of Rick. Space Beth attacks Rick explains that Beth on Earth has a similar device around her neck that was supposed to transfer her memories to Space Beth and that Earth Beth is a clone. Space Beth is confused as to why her clone reunited with Jerry, but Rick explains that since they are the same person, she would have done the same. The two then decide to have a drink.

Meanwhile, Summer uses an invisibility belt to break into the boy’s room and go through his things, but Morty stops and confronts her with infrared goggles. The two spar briefly before they manage to switch the technology. Morty is about to leave with the belt, but Summer reveals that she knows Morty is planning to go to cheerleading practice and can catch him in the act. Morty asks Summer for a deal and she says she can have the belt in an hour. He agrees and hands her the belt, but instead of giving him his glasses, Summer breaks them before taunting Morty, only for him to reveal that he gave her his “Tiny Big Man Junior” belt instead of the invisible one. Morty then turns invisible before leaving, leaving Summer to confront the boy whose room she broke into. Summer lies to the boy about him wandering away from her game console.


Rick and Space Beth have a conversation at Shoney’s, with Beth talking about her adventures and Rick pointing out how similar they seem to Star Wars. On the other hand, Beth brags about how she became the most wanted person in the universe, much to Rick’s surprise. They are both interrupted when they see a TV report about the New Galactic Federation looking for Beth. Realizing that they would find Earth Beth, Rick lets himself be talked into saying that Earth Beth might not be a clone. Space Beth tries to shoot Rick, but he freezes her.

At school, Morty uses an invisibility belt to try to peek at the cheerleaders in the shower, but Summer, knowing they will be there, sets off the fire alarm and sprays the extinguisher, covering Morty in foam. Morty runs into the football field and tries to clean up, Summer takes the opportunity to steal the belt and turn invisible. Morty tries to use the fire extinguisher on her, but it turns out to be empty. A New Galactic Federation ship then approaches, causing Morty to drop a fire extinguisher. Morty is about to be arrested, but the still invisible Summer picks up the fire extinguisher. Surprised, the Federation agents ask if Morty is a psychic, to which he lies and says yes. They explain that they are looking for his mother, then ask Morty can stop their hearts. Morty lies again and says he can, and the agents then surrender without a fight.

Meanwhile Dr. Wong chastises Jerry’s obsession with puppets because it makes him look stupid and crazy. Suddenly, the room explodes as Tammy and a team of Galactic Federation soldiers storm the building with the intention of gong after Beth. While Tammy wants to kill Beth, she is ordered by her superiors to bring her in and arrest her for her defiance. Beth doesn’t understand what Tammy means, but after seeing the Space Beth battle, she realizes that she’s been a clone all along. Suddenly, Rick arrives and has his smart weapons kill everyone except the people inside the building, including, to his reluctance, Dr. Wong. While Tammy is holding Beth prisoner, Rick reveals that he added a bunch of contingency plans to the office, using one to burn Tammy alive before shooting her. Rick takes Jerry and Beth on his ship and flies away.

As the trio fly, they are followed by Space Beth and the Galactic Federation ships. While Jerry suggests that Rick create a portal for safety, he refuses as Morty and Summer are still invisible before calling him a bad father. However, Beth calls Rick out on his hypocritical statement when he lied to her about being a clone, but he hesitantly claims that Space Beth is a clone because Beth refused to leave and he liked the idea of ​​having a space daughter. Tired of being lied to, Beth crashes Rick’s ship to talk to Space Beth, with both versions accusing the other of being a clone. Before Space Beth can kill Beth, they are surrounded by a burned Tammy and a squad of Galactic Federation soldiers. Instead of letting Tammy decide which is which, she simply has both of them taken out by Beth on the NX-5 Planet Remover. Rick tries to sacrifice himself because he believes the Galactic Federation still thinks he is a high-value target, but Tammy reveals that the new leaders no longer consider him to be able to simply move to a new dimension if left alone. Suddenly, Tammy’s gun is pulled from her and Morty fires at the soldiers on the Galactic Federation ship. He reveals to Rick that he and Summer, who is now invisible, have put aside their differences and are working together as part of their “arc”. After an invisible Summer takes Tammy down, Rick shoots her in the head in retaliation for making him go to the wedding, along with killing Birdperson, which he realizes should have been the first thing he said. However, the NX-5 begins to destroy Earth, with an angry and reluctant Rick realizing they must do “Star Wars” to save Beth.

Rick and the family land in the NX-5 hangar and use Tammy’s corpse to unlock the door to the main hallway. As Rick leaves to find Beth, he tells Morty and Summer to stop the NX-5 from destroying the city. However, the siblings are forced to leave without the invisibility belt as Jerry uses it to pee, but Morty is sure they don’t need it.

In their prison cell, the Beths wonder what their fate will be as Earth Beth senses that she is a clone of Space Beth. After the two trade insults about their decisions about who they’ve become, Rick announces over the PA that he’s coming to save one of Beth’s if they’re alive, but if they’re both alive, he suggests they don’t hurt either of them. other than any of them could be a clone. Now realizing what a piece of shit Father Rick is, they escape Beth’s prison cell.

Rick enters the battle room and sees his old friend Birdperson, now Phoenixperson, come out to face him. Although disheartened to see his old friend now on the side of the Galactic Federation, Phoenixperson tries to calm himself down by killing Tammy. However, Phoenixperson is not happy with this news, as he loved Tammy, and the two began to fight.

Meanwhile, Morty and Summer find the laser controls, only to see two Galactic Federation soldiers guarding them. They see that the NX-5 cannons are unable to destroy the Wrangler jeans due to their sponsorship, which gives Morty and Summer an idea. Meanwhile, Rick and the Phoenixperson continue their fight, but Rick becomes overwhelmed by the latter.

Elsewhere, the two Beths work together to fight their way through Galactic Federation soldiers to get to Rick. Back at the gun station, Morty distracts the two guards by running past the door and leading them out of the room. This gives Summer a chance to go in and throw Morty’s Wrangler jeans into the laser well, causing the computer to shut down. Morty returns after killing the two off-screen guards, but Summer is disgusted to see her brother’s balls.

Meanwhile, Rick and Phoenixperson’s fight takes place outside, with the former attacking the man and his cybernetic innards leaking out of his body. Before the Phoenixperson can kill Rick, the Beths arrive to help him, or at least kick his ass before he dies. However, it’s not enough as the Phoenixperson knocks Beth out of the way before stomping on Rick’s organs. Suddenly, Jerry is invisible and uses Tammy’s corpse as a puppet, claiming that Rick lied about killing her, distracting the Phoenix. While Jerry trips and becomes visible, his actions were long enough for Space Beth to shut down the Phoenixperson. Afterwards, Morty and Summer come to see their two mothers.

At home, the Smith family is fine with the idea of ​​having two Beths because the kids like the idea of ​​having two moms and Jerry likes the idea of ​​having two wives. However, Rick has a projector ready to reveal who the real Beth is and shows that he remembered the reveal. This infuriates the Beths even more as they now realize how much of a piece of shit Rick is and refuse to look at the memory, claiming they don’t need anything from Rick before leaving. Rick tries to get Morty and Summer to see it, but they don’t even care because both Beths are morons and it’s a win. Regardless, Rick puts the memory into the projector and watches it.

It turns out that after giving Beth the choice of staying on Earth or going out on her own, she asks Rick to make the decision for her because she wants to know what she really wants. Rick ends up making a clone of Beth and copies her memories into the clone, but then turns his back on the containers and lets the machine pick Beth at random so he couldn’t tell who was who.

After seeing this, Rick dejectedly realizes that he is a terrible father before looking at the pieces of the Phoenixperson, who retrieved his old friend from the NX-5. However, the Phoenixperson is still hostile towards Rick and forces him to shut down his friend. Afterwards, Rick sits down, dejected that his actions have distanced him from his family more than ever.

In the post-credits scene, Jerry throws Rick’s invisibility belt into the trash, only to have it turn the garbage truck invisible as he picks up trash. The rich man then drives up in his fast car and crashes into an invisible truck despite Jerry’s warning. Although he is glad to have survived, the car explodes, killing him, and the truck drivers flee in terror. Jerry goes on to get the invisible truck for himself and becomes a vigilante who performs several “heroic” feats such as saving a prostitute from a pimp. However, when the truck runs out of gas, Jerry is forced to abandon it at a gas station because he was unable to find a gas tank.

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