Rick and Morty season 4 Episode 1 Edge 0f Tomorty ;Rick Die Rickpeat

Watch Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 1 Edge 0f Tomorty ;Rick Die Rickpeat


The Smith family enjoys breakfast while Rick wants to take Morty on an adventure. Beth and Jerry, unhappy, tell Rick to respect Morty. After reluctantly apologizing and asking nicely, the two go to Forbodulon Prime to find Death Crystals, small crystals that allow the holder to see possible deaths they may encounter. Morty unknowingly steals one from Rick when he uses it to achieve his best future result. In this result, he lies in bed as an old man when Jessica tells him that she loves him.

After a fight over the wheel, the ship crashes as Rick is thrown into a spiked rock, killing him. A hologram of Rick appears as he explains to Morty how to bring Rick back. Morty disobeys and takes the ship.

Meanwhile, Rick comes to life in another reality thanks to Operation Phoenix, which takes place in a reality loop. Much to his chagrin, however, each reality he is reincarnated into is one where extreme fascism rules, and he is forced to commit a repeated series of mass murders and suicides in order to achieve a reality peaceful and politically stable enough for Rick and Morty to help. he will return to his own.

Back in the main reality, Morty, guided by the death crystal he stole, experiences trouble at home and decides that the reality where he dies next to Jessica will come true. He travels back home and, guided by the crystal, is led to do rather bizarre and eccentric things to ensure the outcome. After accidentally pissing off an extremely violent local school bully, the situation escalates, forcing Morty to get into Rick’s arsenal, grab some high-powered weapons, and take all of Rick’s Mr. Meeseeks boxes (except for the “fucking Kirkland Meeseeks boxes”). He then deals with bullies and soon goes on a bloody rampage as the police and even the military get involved, but thanks to the crystal he is able to avoid a rather long and certain death sentence, leading to the presiding judge declaring him innocent and later he commits suicide because of Morty’s words. Then he hesitantly let out a cognitive-hazard howl on live television, the frequencies of which shook the focus of anyone listening, convincing them to completely forgive his actions, rendering the entire massacre canonically irrelevant.

Meanwhile, Rick eventually finds a peaceful reality where the Wasp is, and Wasp Rick agrees to help him return to his original reality. Once they arrive, Rick discovers Morty’s theft of his gadgets, horrified that the only Mr. Meeseeks boxes left behind were cheap, unused ones. After encountering a hologram Rick that appears in the garage, the three Ricks set out to find Morty.

They discover him in the desert and he turns into a monstrous tree-like cyborg abomination and defeats him, only for Hologram Rick to assimilate and attempt to destroy regular Rick, Wasp Rick, and Morty. As Rick and Morty are hit and fall to the ground, Wasp Rick stabs the Rick-tree Abomination in the eye, causing its head to swell and explode, releasing many mini Wasp Ricks into the air.

After things return to normal, Morty apologizes to his grandfather for not listening to him, as Rick takes it in stride. Beth and Jerry show up and try to convince Rick to stop his adventures because of what happened, Morty said he was to blame, explaining that Rick wasn’t even around when the events happened. Hearing this, Beth declares that the important thing is that she’s okay. Jerry tried to threaten Rick, who claims that by touching him Jerry now has AIDS, causing Jerry to run away in a panic and Beth to follow. As Rick and Morty decide to embark on an adventure that combines both the familiar and the new, they notice Summer eavesdropping and mock or criticize her for “ruining the season premiere”.

The next day, Morty overhears Jessica wishing to become a member of a hospice that cares for old people who die alone without family. Morty becomes extremely angry when he realizes that the future he envisioned has been seducing him all along. When Rick walks in and asks Morty to go on another adventure with him, he interrupts and immediately agrees, walking through the portal and catching Rick off guard.


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