Rick and Miorty season 3 Episode 10 The Rickchurain Mortydate


When an unknown monster attacks a janitor in the tunnels beneath the White House, the president enlists Rick and Morty’s help in dealing with the threat. Arriving at the White House (via the Portal Gun), he agrees to do so, though the president once again declines Morty’s selfie request. After shooting and scaring off a (small) alien, Rick and Morty quickly get bored and head home to play more Minecraft. Unfortunately, the Secret Service has been following them the entire time and informs the President that Rick and Morty “just blew up America.”

Seeing Rick and Morty at their home via satellite (complete with thermal imaging), the hapless president calls them on their progress regarding the monster. Rick and Morty lie about their progress, but the president bluffs them, and a fight breaks out over the constant breaking of the law despite saving the world several times. The two cut ties with the president and he is visibly broken in private.

Meanwhile, Summer and Beth are shopping, with Beth giving her daughter great advice on her selection. Summer reacts positively to her mother’s new behavior, saying that she couldn’t stand her old negative behavior before, like she’s almost a different person. However, Beth reacts badly to this.

When a miniature civilization is discovered in the Amazon rainforest, Rick and Morty travel to Brazil to investigate. At the same time, however, the US government comes in with a request for jurisdiction. When Rick and Morty protest, the President has them arrested and retreats to negotiate with civilization. Once he leaves, Rick and Morty break free from their restraints (made from the fake element “Sanchezium”) and quickly escape from being surrounded by pirates, one of the few things Rick fears.

Back at home, Beth continues to question her clone status and calls Rick to confirm it. Although Rick assures her that she is not a clone and that she would kill her clone self if she realized this, this only fuels her growing paranoia.

Arriving at the Mega Gargantuan civilization, the president is disappointed to learn that Rick and Morty have already negotiated a peace treaty with their president. Once back to his normal size, the President declares war on Rick and Morty and gets even more upset after learning that they also negotiated a permanent truce between Israel and Palestine, giving him all the credit.

After the following press conference, the President inquires about the whereabouts of Rick and Morty, only to find that the two have been waiting patiently in the Oval Office. After fulfilling the President’s agenda for him, Rick promises to leave for good on the condition that Morty takes a selfie with the President, regardless of his grandson’s disinterest. When the President continues to refuse the request, Rick indirectly kills most of the Secret Service agents surrounding him, culminating in a lengthy battle with the President throughout the White House.

Meanwhile, a distraught Beth turns to Jerry for help with her identity crisis. Jerry tries his best to explain in detail and recreate the moment when he first confessed his love for her. Beth comes to terms with herself and realizes his unconditional love and rebuilds her relationship with Jerry.

At the White House, Rick finally gets the president to agree to take a selfie with Morty, only to find that his grandson has disappeared. Morty explains over the phone that he stole Rick’s portal gun, Jerry and Beth are back together, and the whole family has gone into hiding to avoid being executed by Rick. Dejected, Rick admits defeat and asks the President for help in finding his family, promising to leave him alone from then on. Rick soon finds the Smith family’s hideout and arrives through the President’s portal. After Beth tries to reason with her father, Rick assures her that she is still herself, that she is his daughter and has only come to kill Jerry, but in the end she decides not to, reluctantly accepting him back into the family and sacrificing her own position as the family’s the patriarchs. . After doing enough damage in the current dimension, Rick seems to plan to leave it to others and tries to get Morty to come, but he refuses, choosing to stay with his family. Rick is upset by his grandson’s choice because there are countless dimensions he can go to where the same events have already happened. However, Summer’s newfound ability to fart on command like Rick convinces him to stay.

Afterwards, Rick (disguised as a version of himself from another dimension called “Fly Fishing Rick”) mends his friendship with the President and returns home for dinner. Beth rejoices in their new beginning as she is now happily married and has finally stood up to Rick and the whole family (minus Rick) laughs at her clone paranoia.

Post-Credits Scene: Mr. Poopybutthole has started his own family and his own life. He tells the audience that he will see them in Season 4, however long it takes. 


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