Rick and Morty season 4 Episode 9 Childrick of Mort

Watch Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 9 Childrick of Mort


The family is on vacation and Jerry tries to get Morty and Summer, who are more interested in the gadgets in their hands, to enjoy the basics of camping with him. While driving, Rick gets a call from his ex who tells him he is the father of her children. Beth, determined that Rick will do for her new baby what he never did for her, forces him to go to his ex and be a good dad. However, it turns out that Rick’s ex, Gaia, is an entire planet about to give birth to its first sentient species. Beth wants Rick to help the kids develop, and Rick agrees to let them both go into developing the company and help them fly into space.

Morty, Summer, and Jerry go camping, but Morty and Summer make it clear that they have no intention of going along with Jerry’s camping trip. After Summer verbally blasts Jerry for wanting to hook up with her to make him feel important, he leaves abandoned and is accidentally thrown into a group of outcasts at Rick and Beth’s new company. With their basic brains, they love the idea of ​​camping, so Jerry becomes their new leader. After a few days, Morty and Summer go looking for him, but they find a crashed alien ship. When they board, Morty believes that the controls are identical to his video game, while Summer thinks that the steam the ship emits will give her information about the controls and begins to inhale it. He soon gets out of the fabric and Morty tries to steer the ship. Meanwhile, a divine being named Reggie arrives, claiming to be the father of the children Beth and Rick raised, and Gaia admits to Rick that she made a mistake and doesn’t know who the father is. Rick and Reggie want to claim the offspring and get into the fight quickly. After a long fight, Reggie gets the upper hand and tells Rick that he has no intention of raising his children, but simply wants to instill in them the fear of god (which, as far as he’s concerned, is himself). But before Reggie can kill Rick, Morty and Summer dispatch him by accidentally putting a spaceship through his brain. Upon boarding, Rick finds Morty and Summer high up and thanks them for saving his life. Rick tells them that video games and drugs are the best, though he also points out that Summer wasn’t actually taking drugs, but rather – inhaling brake fluid. Rick soon inhales brake fluid.

While all of this is going on, Beth’s advanced Ricklets and Jerry’s tribal Ricklets have gone to war with each other. But before the battle can go too far, Reggie’s body falls on the town, destroying it and killing many of the residents. Beth is sent flying over a cliff, leaving Jerry to save her. He makes it, but the scent he now emits quickly drowns out any thoughts of thanks for the rescue. Enraged that her mate was killed, Gaia creates a volcano eruption, the resulting lava kills most of the surviving society. Rick, Morty, and Summer pick up Beth, Jerry, and the last few survivors and fly off. The family eventually drives off in their car and hands the ship over to the Ricklets (on which Rick places a tracker and a bomb on board, planning to blow it up if they get close to Earth and want revenge).

As the family flies off, Jerry reveals that he has learned from the experience and tells the kids that they were right about him as he admits that he wanted to feel important, shocking Summer and Morty. Jerry says there are times when teenagers are right even when they are cruel, making kids feel guilty about their treatment. After Rick insults Jerry, Beth doesn’t defend her father for once—and instead comes to her husband’s defense by expressing how Jerry saved her life while criticizing Rick. This brings a smile to Jerry’s face, and when Rick notices Jerry’s smug look, Rick takes the opportunity to put them in their place and take control again – telling Jerry and Beth that they need to work on their parenting skills because Morty and Summer got feel free. rides and killed Reggie. Beth and Jerry seem shocked and displeased that Rick is cheating on their children, who are equally shocked until they listen to the criticism.

In the post-credits scene, Summer catches Rick looking at what appears to be a dating/porn site for planets. Although Rick claims he’s only watching it for the comedic potential, he’s clearly excited by what he sees.


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