Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 10 Ricktional Mortpoon's Rickmas Mortcation

Watch Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 10 English

Rick and Morty season 6 Episode 10 Ricktional Mortpoon’s Rickmas Mortcation

On Christmas Day, Rick gives the family gifts from the multiverse, including a lightsaber for Morty. Excited to finally have it, Morty practices in the garage with Rick, who throws fruit as targets, but accidentally loses his grip and falls to the ground in a perfectly vertical position. The two go down to the underground levels of the house to retrieve her, but soon end up in a secret lab where another Rick is found, looking disheveled and unkempt. Morty realizes that Rick, who has been nice to him and his family for the past few months, was the robot he originally thought and is angry that Rick would do this. However, Rick brushed it off when he decided to remove himself from the family after the Knights of the Sun episode and built a robot copy to take his place so he could hunt down Rick Prime. Still, Morty feels betrayed by this and decides to leave the real Rick alone in his lab while he takes his anger out on the robot copy.

Morty has RickBot watch the extended version of Miracle on 34th Street with the rest of the family and tells them to do the job it was programmed to do. Suddenly, the President comes in to scold Morty for dropping his lightsaber into the ground as he heads for the planet’s core. Because the lightsaber is powered by Kyber crystals, it destroys Earth. Morty, feeling upset that he caused this, along with the president venting all his dislike for Star Wars, tearfully apologizes, calling it the worst Christmas ever. This causes the President to calm down and promise Morty help.

Meanwhile, the family watches Miracle on 34th Street, which includes a long scene where a guy lists every street he sees. After deciding to stop when Jerry gets bored, they decide to play a game. During these activities, the family admires how lovable RickBot is, even though they don’t realize who he is. However, he feels guilty for cheating on them.

Morty takes the president and the White House science team down to the very bottom of the house’s subterranean floors, which Rick notices. Morty, the President, and Rick argue until one of the President’s scientists touches one of Rick’s devices and it disintegrates into green ash. Deciding to handle this mess himself, Rick drops an AI-powered lightsaber to destroy Morty, but Morty gets angry enough at Rick to attack Italy. The science team creates a training ship to descend to the core and retrieve the lightsaber, and Rick, after the lightsaber AI fails, modifies it to go faster than the lightsaber. However, Morty makes it clear that he does not want Rick around and berates Rick for abandoning him for his pursuit of Rick Prime. Rick throws it back at Morty, feeling backstabbed when the latter called him boring in the Knights episode, and returns to his lab.

Morty and the President go into the drill ship to stop the lightsaber from hitting the core. Luckily, Morty manages to catch it and the duo surface to celebrate. However, the President takes Morty’s lightsaber and declares that he owns Stars Wars compared to the corporations that he believes have destroyed it, and leaves with his science team.

Morty, upset that he’s failed yet again, storms back into the house and tells his family the truth about RickBot. Angry that they were lied to, Summer and Beths destroy RickBot, who welcomes the embrace of death. Meanwhile, the president plays with a lightsaber in the Oval Office only to lose his grip and drop it perfectly perpendicular to the ground. The President publicly blames Morty for this and unknowingly reveals that he has already blown the White House into space for his own safety. With the government seizing the drillship and the fact that the real Rick has abandoned the family, the Smiths reactivate RickBot to help them.

In his lab, the real Rick dismantles one of Rick Prime’s drones to see where he is hiding, only for the monitor to detect multiple locations.

RickBot successfully saves Earth by grabbing the lightsaber, and he and Morty attack the White House in space. Morty follows the president into a Star Wars-themed room, where he sends droids with lightsabers to fight Morty while yelling about how Disney ruined the franchise. Morty destroys the droids and confronts the President with a Gatling gun that fires lightsabers and shoots at others. However, RickBot attacks and injures himself, only for the lightsabers to slide off him and land perfectly perpendicular on the ground. The floor is destroyed and the group is almost pulled into the vacuum of space until Rick saves them with a portal.

When RickBot shuts down for good, Morty apologizes for pushing him away. Before disappearing, RickBot reveals that Rick built him to be around his family and show that he cares for them. After the President leaves, Rick decides to involve Morty in his hunt for Rick Prime, stating that this will be their arc for the following season.

In the stinger, a tied-up Mr. Poopybutthole finishes watching the episode and tells the audience that he’s trying to bounce back from his divorce by exercising a lot. But when he breaks his legs trying to squat more than he can handle, Mr. Poopybutthole begs his trainer to call Amy as he needs her.


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