Rick and Morty season 2 Episode 7 Big Trouble in Little Sanchez


At breakfast, Jerry asks his kids Summer and Morty if anything interesting is going on at school. After thinking for a moment, Morty replies that one of the lunch ladies was found dead, her body drained of blood and marked by two holes in her neck. Beth’s dismay at having no idea how such a terrible thing could happen is quickly assuaged by a nonchalant Rick, who reveals that vampires are real; the revelation horrifies Summer, but Rick casually tells her that humanity has known of their existence for hundreds of years. Terrified at the possibility of being killed by a vampire, Summer desperately asks Grandpa Rick if he could go to their school and transfer his consciousness into a teenager’s body, which Rick thinks is a stupid idea and insults Summer for it. Beth tries to get Jerry to support Summer, but Jerry is too distracted by his tablet to pay attention, leading to a conflict. Tired of their arguments, Rick declares that he will take them to off-planet therapy to mend their relationship.

At school, Morty and Summer are discussing the best way to deal with the vampire issue when they are greeted by “Tiny Rick”: Rick has decided to help them by temporarily transferring himself into the high school clone. After killing a vampire (turned out to be Ferat’s trainer), Tiny Rick heads home to transfer his mind into the older Rick’s body, which is stored in a vat in the garage. However, Summer gets a text from Toby Matthews asking if they can have a party at the Smiths’ house, but he wants Tiny Rick there too. Tiny Rick decides to stay in his younger body to let Morty and Summer throw the party. At Tina’s party, Rick plays a song on his guitar, the lyrics of which sound like older Rick’s desperate pleas to get him out of Tina Rick’s body, but no one notices except for Summer, who realizes that something strange is going on. Tiny Rick quickly becomes popular with the rest of the school, raising Morty and Summer’s social standing, but Summer grows increasingly concerned that Rick is stuck in his young body. Morty initially ignores her because Jessica started talking to him as a direct result of Tiny Rick, but his suspicions grow when Rick’s dance solo at the school dance includes lyrics practically begging someone to help him return to his old body. Unwilling to let this continue, Summer hides the wooden stakes they used to kill Coach Ferata in Tiny Rick’s locker, leading to his expulsion. Little Rick turns the whole school (including Toby Matthews) into Summer. Morty has finally had enough and sneaks up on Tiny Rick with Summer just as she tries to destroy Rick’s original body and force him to listen to Elliot Smith’s music. Rick’s emotional response to the music allows him to break free from the control of his younger self and prompts his grandchildren to transfer his mind back to his older body. Once that’s over, he heads down to his underground lair and brutally destroys his other younger clones, with a newfound respect for his current age.

After Rick drops off (or rather leaves) Beth and Jerry for therapy, they are greeted by Glexo Slim Slom. Glexo puts Jerry in a helmet attached to a machine that creates Jerry’s perception of Beth, a monstrous creature. Beth is immediately offended by this and tells Jerry to take it back. Beth then puts on the helmet and creates a weak worm version of Jerry. Jerry is also upset about Beth’s perception of him. Glexo then leads the couple and other visitors on a tour of the facility where all of the couples’ senses are kept in cages. The idea of ​​therapy is that perceptions are not real marriages and that they are all safe from perceptions. However, in a major disaster, Beth’s mythologist manipulates Jerry’s mythologist into helping her escape, and she rampages through the facility, killing both staff and visitors. Glexo angrily informs Jerry and Beth that this is a sign that their relationship has become codependent, and the truth is that neither of them should ever have gotten married (which Jerry and Beth claim is just bad couple therapy). When the evacuation results in Jerry and Beth remaining in the facility, Beth is kidnapped by her own mythologist and attached to one of the machines to make more of her poor Jerrys. Beth asks why not just make Jerry another Beth, but her mythologist replies that there can only be one true Beth in Jerry’s mind. Frustrated that this is Beth’s perception of who she really is, Jerry, who runs into his own mythologist, heroically comes to her rescue, causing Beth to create Jerry’s heroic mythologists to aid Jerry in his fight (only to start doing narcissistic Jerry when he gets angry. with his smug monologue). Just when it looks like they’re losing their battle with mythologist Beth, Jerry gets the idea to attach the helmet to one of his powerful selves to create the goddess Beth, who destroys the monster and ends the fight. While Jerry’s mythologists worship their goddess, the real Beth and Jerry reconcile.

In the epilogue, the vampire reports to the Vampire Master that the Feratu trainer has been destroyed. The master is impressed that he named his alias after a famous vampire movie and instituted a new rule: no more “clever name bullshit.”


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