Rick and Morty season 2 Episode 8 Interdimensional Cable 2 Tempting Fate

 Rick and Morty season 2  Episode 8 Interdimensional Cable 2 Tempting Fate

After eating a pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream that actually contained a dangerous mutant bacteria that was in the second freezer drawer (which belongs to Rick), Jerry is rushed by his family to St. Gloopy Noops, an institution in space. While waiting for the results of Jerry’s treatment, Rick, Beth, Summer and Morty sit in the hospital waiting room. Rick, who doesn’t want to watch QCV (an alien version of QVC), judges the cable box with his interdimensional crystal. After breaking the cable box and connecting the crystal, the nurse asks him what he’s doing, to which Rick replies, “To be continued.” After watching “Man vs. Car” (a competition pitting men against cars in a gladiatorial ring) and commercials for “Eyholes” (cereal carefully guarded by a spandex-wearing alien with a megaphone), an upset Beth sits down with them. in the waiting room.

Jerry wakes up in his hospital room, cured of a bacterial infection. His doctor, accompanied by a number of others, explains that the most influential civil rights leader in the galaxy, Shrimply Pibbles, is dying in the same hospital; he can be saved if Jerry donates his genitals to Pibbles to act as a heart. An elderly alien in a wheelchair arrives and expresses his doubt that Jerry will help him because Earth’s culture is built on sex. Disturbed by the idea, Jerry agrees to donate his organs in an attempt to redeem Earth’s reputation.

After Morty’s brief remark about a strange-looking woman getting coffee, Rick turns to “How did I get here?” and Morty discovers that the strange woman has disappeared from the waiting room and suddenly reappeared on a street lamp in the parade. The whole family is confused by this event and Rick advises them to “stay away from the coffee machine”. They then see an ad for “Jan Quadrant Vincent 16” (an action adventure game with multiple copies of Jan Michael Vincent).

Jerry, meanwhile, is thinking about donating to Pibbles and tells his doctor that he wants to consult with Beth before proceeding with the operation. After the rest of the family watches “The Adventures of Stealy” and “Funny Songs”, the doctor comes into the waiting room and addresses the family, telling them that Jerry is fine, but also asks Beth to come with him. After Jerry tells her about the surgery, the conversation between Beth, Jerry and the doctor takes a turn for the worse, but after reading a catalog of highly advanced prosthetics that he can give Jerry to replace his missing organs, Beth decides to let Jerry choose for himself. Jerry still isn’t willing to say no, he admits.

While the family watches “Lil’ Bits” (a commercial for a restaurant with tiny portions of food), Jerry gets a chance to “use” his organs one last time when the doctor leaves him in his office with alien pornography and a towel. . Unfazed by the videos, Jerry discovers that the doctor left Pibbles’ medical records open behind the porn windows; the doctor then re-enters the room and tells Jerry, asking him to use discretion. Jerry doesn’t, but instead examines the medical records and finds information that he believes will allow him to keep his genitalia.

While watching “Opposite News with Michael Thompson” and “Cooking Things with Pichael Thompson,” the family soon discovers that the two hosts are conjoined twins, filming their shows side-by-side at the same time. Rick remarks to Summer that she “has no idea how much this must save on production.” Meanwhile, the hospital holds a press conference to announce that Pibbles can be saved and also introduce Jerry, the donor responsible for the occasion. When Jerry, speaking to a large crowd, mentions Pibbles’ “ongoing battle with heroin addiction”, the crowd applauds enthusiastically. Confused, Jerry questions whether or not the heroin problem was public knowledge, to which several upset reporters reply that heroin made up ten percent of the atmosphere on Pibbles’ home planet – at least before it was destroyed by Klargon’s death. platoon, causing him to be unable to breathe without heroin. The entire audience booed Jerry, realizing that he was trying to prevent himself from losing his member.

Rick, Summer and Morty watch the episode “How They Do It” (which details the manufacturing process behind plumbus) and “The Personal Space Show” (hosted by a man obsessed with keeping his personal space unoccupied, even his own skin) – after followed by an ad for “The Northsiders” – before finding an alien athletic competition. At the press conference, one of the doctors calms the raging crowd and announces that a large number of people who heard about Jerry’s double cross and want to save Pibbles have donated enough money to buy a synthetic heart for him. Upset and insulted, Jerry begins to devise a way to regain his honor. Later, as the operation begins, Jerry bursts into the operating room with a gun-like device and demands that they cut off his member and use it to save Pibbles.

Meanwhile, Rick, Summer, and Morty watch “Octopus Man,” a clip that ends with the protagonist needlessly stabbing two random people on the street. Summer expresses distaste for unnecessary violence on TV and Morty responds by shouting that her views on TV are primitive. Beth arrives and tells them they can leave, but suddenly a message pops up announcing that Jerry is holding the doctors hostage. Beth and Summer discover that the ambush is not taking place in another dimension and rush to the scene where Jerry is in a standoff with two armed guards; Jerry wants to know what’s going on and just replies, “I’m a good person.” Beth then realizes that the thing Jerry is holding is not a gun, but one of the highly advanced vibrators from the catalog. Out of options, Jerry pulls down his pants and runs to Pibbles’ body, tearfully reaffirming that he is a “good man”. The guards open fire on Jerry, shooting him fifty-seven times as the entire family screams in horror (Rick and Morty watch the events unfold on television); they continue shooting even after his crushed body falls lifeless to the floor.

Some time later, Jerry wakes up to an advertisement for “Butthole Ice Cream Parlor”. Realizing he’s awake, Beth tells him that everything he remembers really happened, and that since they were in the alien hospital, repairing his body has been, in Beth’s words, “like having a splinter”. Jerry says that all he wanted was for people to like him, not hate him, and Beth replies that “You can’t make people like you. You just have to wait until they hate you to bore them.” Jerry gets out of bed and declares his intention to go to the zoo with his family, but they angrily shoot him.


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