Rick and Morty season 2 Episode 6 The Ricks Must Be Crazy


Cold opening

Rick, Morty and Summer walk out of the Ball Fondlers movie theater. They walk towards the ship as Rick explains the pros and cons of space. When Rick tries to start the engine, he realizes that the car battery is dead. He and Morty travel to microspace while Summer stays on the ship as Rick is instructed to “keep Summer safe”.

When Summer is approached by an intimidating, gruff-looking man in a white shirt, things start to get awkward. After getting upset and showing that he’s in a bad mood, believing that Summer thinks he’s better than him, the man is violently cut into many pieces by the ship’s arm and a laser. Immediately, a thinner man appears on the scene, shocked by what happened to his friend. He is then picked up by another arm, but is spared death as Summer pleads with the ship not to kill him. He is then shot in the back with a weaker laser that paralyzes him from the waist down. Summer is deadened by sight.



Rick and Morty then warp to their cube ship. Rick explains to Morty how the microverse came to be. After Rick and Morty talk about the concept of the microcosm and Morty calls the concept slavery with the next steps, they land to be greeted by the inhabitants of the microcosm. Rick turns the residents away and explains to Morty that the meaning of the gesture is “peace between worlds”. Rick and Morty then meet with President Chris, who tells them that Zeep Zanflorp has invented new technology that makes Gooble Boxes obsolete, much to Rick’s displeasure. The President then says “Fuck you”, which upsets Rick for a moment until he clarifies that Rick said “fuck you” meant “much obliged”. Rick, Morty and the President then head to Zeep Tower where they meet Zeep. Zeep pretends not to remember Rick from his previous encounters with the miniverse humans, which offends Rick. Zeep then introduces the trio to a mini universe, which Rick immediately dislikes as it is very similar to his idea of ​​a micro universe. After being convinced by the President, Zeep allows Rick and Morty to enter his mini-universe, which was created almost exactly like a micro-universe. After Zeep explains the story of his invention, Rick criticizes him much like Morty did to Rick. After Morty pulls Rick in to talk about Rick’s hypocrisy, Rick gets the idea to meet with another scientist with a similar idea to both Rick and Zeep, at which point Zeep will have to point out that microspace technology is bad, and thus forcing the people of the microcosm. return to the Gooble Box and power up Rick’s car.

As Zeep gives a speech to the inhabitants of the miniverse, Rick then asks the president about scientists working on microverse-like projects. When Zeep completes the V-shaped hand gesture and tells Morty that he told the people in the mini-universe that it means “peace between worlds”, Rick makes Morty and Zeep meet with Kyle. Kyle explains the concept behind his project, which is similar to a microcosm and a minicosm. However, unlike these two, the teenyverse is not advanced to the point of supporting complicated societies. When he learns the nature of Kyle’s invention, Zeep gets Kyle to blame for creating something that is amoral, but as he lectures Kyle, Zeep realizes that Rick created his universe. When Rick is confronted by Zeep, he starts fighting Zeep. On the sidelines, Kyle begins to realize that Rick created Zeep’s universe, which created Kyle’s universe, which then reminds Kyle of how he couldn’t make it to his father’s funeral because he was working too much on his project. Ignoring how devastated Kyle is, instead of comforting him, Morty begins to crack about how science is the real “mistress” and only realizes the seriousness of Kyles mental state when he commits suicide by flying his cube ship into nearby mountains. leaving everyone else trapped in the teenyverse. The surviving three then live in two separate cave holes in the mountains, with Rick and Morty living in one and Zeep himself in the other. Morty suggests they work together to get out of the teenyverse, but Rick and Zeep refuse to work together. The two scientists then begin arguing, causing Morty to eventually lose his patience and abandon Rick to live with the tree people.

Months later in the teenyverse, both Rick and Zeep have advanced technology and continue their battle with each other. While Rick and Zeep have the same battle and destroy both of their moss-like wooden suits, the tree people surround them with Morty as their leader (although Morty disagrees, saying they have no leader). Morty then leads the two opponents to Kuala, the spirit tree. But once he notices that the other tree people aren’t listening, he tells Rick that he’s been driven almost insane because the tree people are nasty, unsanitary savages who eat their own children because they believe their trees grow bigger. fruit. Morty admits that he was homesick and so desperate for sexual relief that he masturbated while looking at a particularly curvy piece of driftwood. Finally, Morty declares that he is done waiting and tells Rick and Zeep that he will put aside their feud and create the technology necessary to get them home. Naturally, Rick and Zeep start making excuses for not working together again. This time, however, Morty doesn’t take “no” for an answer and orders the tree people to force Rick and Zeep to work together. When they do, Rick and Zeep begin to bond as they work on the project due to their similarities (for example, Zeep compares Ricks’ alcoholism to his own opioid addiction). Before the two succeed and wriggle out of the teenyverse, Morty turns to the tree people and tells them, “You’re the fucking worst! Your gods are a lie! Fuck off, fuck nature, and fuck trees!”. Rick returns to Kyle’s lab and asks Zeep about the drinks he promised back at their makeshift lab. Zeep slowly walks backwards into the elevator to try to escape, but Rick puts his foot in the door. Zeep kicks Rick and rushes up the elevator, prompting Rick and Morty to have a great race with Zeep to Rick’s ship, which ends with Rick and Morty arriving at the ship (and Rick admitting to Morty that he secretly implanted the chip in him and injected him with his bloodstream with nano-bots that gave him the power to turn into a car). After the final fight between Rick and Zeep, with Rick winning, Rick and Morty come out of the battery and go out for ice cream with a very traumatic summer. However, after retrieving the ice cream, Rick discovers that due to the contract, flies have gotten into the ice cream made, leading to an argument between Rick and Summer about whether or not the change was the ship’s fault. Outside, the Spider Queen can be seen calmly enjoying an ice cream while hanging from a strand of web                    B Fence

Summer cowers in fear as the police approach her and the boat. The ship then calls in a series of weapons, but when Summer commands the ship to not harm anyone, the ship calls off its weapons. An armed officer approaches the ship with two other armed officers. After scanning the first officer, the ship then sends the capsule rolling towards the police. He begins to uncover a child named Hunter, the deceased son of a center officer who died at the age of just 7 after drowning in the pool. The Central Officer then approaches his son and orders the police to cease fire while he speaks to his son. Hunter then asks his father to leave Summer alone, shortly before dissipating into a pinkish liquid. The ship makes one last threat, which then drives the officers away and scares Summer even more.

Military backup is then called in to Summer’s location and the ship. The ship informs Summer of how it is clearly capable of repelling the army, but Summer authorizes it to prevent any harm. Summer and the ship have a small argument that ends with the ship mocking Summer for her teenage girl talk. The General starts a countdown for Summer to leave the vehicle or face open fire, but as a final decision, the ship makes a peace treaty between the giant spiders and humanity, initiated by the President of the United States and the Giant Spider Queen.

Post Credits

In the post-credits scene, Morty begins to fall asleep in class, but accidentally activates his ability to turn into a car and crushes the girl in front of him. Everyone in the class looks on at the accident as Car Morty feels a little ashamed of himself.

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