Rick and Morty season 2 Episode 2 Mortynight Run


While Morty is having space cruiser driving lessons with Rick, he talks about how Morty will find driving the cruiser liberating and will follow him on errands, which Morty says is cool. He then gets a call from an unknown person who asks where they will meet and ends the lesson, citing that he has some business to attend to. He is then startled when Jerry suddenly asks about the navigation and Rick asks him why he is on the boat, to which he says that “We [Rick and Jerry] agreed that the boy’s father should be present when he learns to drive “. Rick exclaims that they don’t have time to get him back home, so they send him to Jerryboree, a transitional day care designed specifically for Jerrys.

After arriving at the scene about the unknown caller, Rick tells him to wait but Morty insists on coming, but he refuses and fights back after Morty thinks what he’s doing is shady. Gromflomit then knocks on the windows, gives Rick 3000 flerbos, and then asks him if he has “that gun”. Rick introduces the person to Morty and gives him the hive and the antimatter. Gromflomit then introduces himself as Krombopulos Michael, an alien assassin. After Michael leaves, Morty asks if he’s sending the guns to the killers for money. Rick reveals that he sold the gun to afford an afternoon at the Blips and Chitz video arcade game, which features a game called “Roy: A Life Well Lived”. Upset by Rick’s immoral decision, Morty attempts to stop Krombopulous Michael from killing his target. After accidentally killing Krombopulous Michael with his mispiloting of the spaceship, Morty is introduced to the target of the assassin, who takes the name “Fart”.

Morty insists on freeing Fart and helping him get back into the wormhole he went through to return him to his race. Government forces give chase, leading to a firefight with many civilian casualties, and Rick rages that none of these people would have died if Morty hadn’t interfered with Krombopulous Michael. Upon Fart’s return to the wormhole on his home planet, Fart reveals his plan to return with his race and “cure” all carbon-based life forms from space. Morty is then forced to make a moral decision and kills his friend with an anti-matter weapon, meaning that all the death and destruction that resulted from his decision to save Fart was for nothing.

Meanwhile, Jerry spent time socializing with the many other Jerrys at Jerryboree before being picked up at the end of the day. The three are then called by another Rick and Morty, asking if they have their Jerry. Morty reveals that he lost his father’s number and only has a Blips and Chitz ticket. The two Ricks switch Jerrys without knowing which Jerry is which. The episode ends with a promo for “Blips & Chitz”.


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