Rick and Morty season 2 Episode 5 Get Schwifty


A massive alien head appears above Earth, interfering with Earth’s gravity and causing several global disasters. When the head calls out, “Show what you’ve got,” Rick travels to the Pentagon to inform the President of the United States that the alien head is Cromulon and searches for a live performance of a catchy new song.

Unfortunately, an earthquake struck during the Grammy Awards, killing all of Earth’s most famous musicians (including but not limited to Pharrell, Randy Newman, Billy Corgan, and The-Dream), with the exception of Ice-T, who survived the earthquake. In desperation, Rick and Morty compose and perform the song “Get Schwifty”. The Head is pleased and transports the entire Earth to an intergalactic music competition, watched by multiple Cromulons, where the losers’ planets are wiped out. Rick then tells the president that all the astronauts they had in orbit at the time are dead.

Rick and Morty team up with Ice-T to compose a new song, but Morty panics and steals Rick’s portal device to save his family. Ice-T turns out to be a tired alien and leaves Rick alone. Jerry, Beth, Summer and Ethan become involved with a religious cult whose beliefs are based on their interpretation of the Cromulons’ actions. Morty gets lost and goes through several portal openings until he eventually stumbles upon Bird Person’s world. Bird Person encourages Morty to believe in Rick and sends him back to Earth.

General Nathan eventually loses it, betrays the President and nukes the host Cromulon as he’s been meaning to do all episode, but it barely affects him and he simply says ”BOO, NOT COOL!” in response and disqualifies Earth, but Ice-T he returns and saves the planet from destruction. Rick and Morty, together again, play a new hit, satisfy the Cromulons and win the contest. After Nathan is rescued, he runs at the president with an M16, but Rick turns him into a snake. Meanwhile, the cult of the alien head quickly disbands after realizing it was all just a musical reality show.

In the post-credits, Ice-T returns to his planet after his exile and is restored to his Water-T form. When the Numbericons attack and his father Helium-Q is killed by falling debris, Water-T leads the people of Alphabetria into battle with the Numbericons.


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