Rick and Morty season 1 Episode 11 Ricksy Business


Beth and Jerry go on a trip to experience Titanic 2, a remake of the Titanic experience. Jerry is extremely excited to reenact moments from the movie, while Beth is hesitant and generally uninterested. In Beth and Jerry’s absence, Beth orders Rick, Morty, and Summer not to destroy the house while they’re gone, threatening to end Rick and Morty’s adventure if they do. The trio agrees as Beth and Jerry leave. Summer ignores the warning and tries to throw a party to make herself popular. Rick refuses to throw his own party because of his plans.

Beth and Jerry arrive on Titanic 2, a replica of the ill-fated RMS Titanic. Jerry sees how to re-enact the famous bow scene from the movie and tries to bring Beth with him. Beth complies with his request and nudges a nearby maid, Lucy, to join him instead. The two quickly bond over their mutual love of Titanic. Meanwhile, the party begins at the Smith Residence. Party goers include Glip Glops, Brad, Bird Person, Gear Head, Squanchy and many more. The party starts to escalate and Morty confronts Rick about their decision. Jessica appears and Morty turns his attention to talking to her. Jerry and Lucy continue to enjoy themselves on the ship, but the planned sinking of the ship goes awry and the ship fails to sink due to technical difficulties. As Rick’s party gets crazier, Summer blows up her friend Nancy, which is criticized by Rick. Abrodolph Lincoler then breaks through the wall. He gets into a brief altercation with Brad, who promptly beats him up. Jessica is upset and runs outside, and Morty joins her to comfort her. While showing her various contraptions in the garage, he walks in on Squanchy masturbating (or “squanching” as he calls it) in the closet, accidentally knocking over a device that teleports the entire house to a strange planet. After checking out, Rick lets the party goers know that everything is fine.

Morty begins to go insane from the consequences of his actions. Rick calms him down and tells him to pick up some Collaxion Crystals that could seemingly be used to take them home. Rick convinces Abrodolph Lincoler to join Morty, and Summer talks Nancy into joining them as well. The three of them set out to find the crystals. On Titanic 2, Lucy finds Jerry and takes him to a warehouse where she quickly strips and asks him to draw her. Meanwhile, Morty, Nancy, and Lincoler find the crystals, but are attacked by a two-headed beast. Lincoler fends off the beast while Morty and Nancy collect the crystals. He is mortally wounded while defending them. The rest of the group return to the party and give the crystals to Rick, who promptly crushes them and snorts them. Rick’s eyes turn blue as he rises, and he and the other party goers start a rave called the “Rick Dance”. Rick admits that he can take them back whenever he wants. Enraged after being lied to, Morty throws the rest of the crystals out. Meanwhile, Jerry tries to break away from Lucy on Titanic 2, but she pulls a gun on him and threatens him. She forces him into a support car where she tries to force herself on him. Beth arrives just in time and knocks Lucy over with a book. Beth and Jerry packed the car to leave and Lucy joined the bottom of the car. She holds on briefly before falling and getting run over, likely killing her. Meanwhile, Morty shuts down the party and pushes everyone out. Smith’s house is in complete disrepair and the cleanup begins. Morty is still extremely angry at Rick, but talking to Bird Person reveals to him that Rick is masking a great deal of inner pain and shows Morty that if he really wants to stop dealing with his grandfather, he should leave the place destroyed. . At first, Morty agrees that this might be the best thing that ever happened to him, because he will be free from Rick forever. Birdperson then teaches him another saying that means “Whatever keeps you up at night.”

Beth and Jerry arrive home and Birdperson tells him to make up his mind as he leaves with Tammy. Realizing that he wants to continue his adventures with Rick, Morty pleads with him to do something about the state of the house before his parents walk through the front door. Rick uses a device that completely freezes time for everyone but them, allowing them infinite time to clean the house and preventing Beth and Jerry from knowing that the house was always a mess.

Post-credit sequence

In the post-credits sequence, Lincoler survives his injuries, and as he vows revenge, he is quickly grabbed by the testicle monsters, who proceed to swap Lincoler with one of the teenagers from the party that was previously taken between them, and others. alien beasts. Disgusted, Lincoler asks the teenager if he’s actually enjoying it, only for him to say yes. 


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