Rick and Morty season 1 Episode 10 Close Rick-Counters of Rick kind


When 27 Ricks from alternate dimensions end up murdered and their respective Mortys kidnapped, the Transdimensional Council of Ricks orders the arrest of C-137 Rick (the show’s original Rick) and charges him with crimes due to his refusal to participate. their affairs. Angry at being framed, Rick and Morty flee the Council to go after the real culprit who framed him, only to discover that another Rick is allegedly responsible for murdering their counterparts while stealing their Mortys to hide his presence.

Meanwhile, as Morty begins to believe that he is nothing more than a tool to protect Rick, Jerry begins to bond with Rick J19ζ7, the kindest Rick in all realities. After Morty leads a rebellion of alternate Mortys against “evil” Rick, the three Ricks from the Council of Ricks discover that “evil” Rick has been mind-controlled. It is revealed to the audience that he was being controlled by “his” Morty.


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