Rick and Morty season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

Overview Rick and Morty season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

 In the middle of the night, an obviously drunk Rick bursts into Morty’s room and tells him he has a “surprise” to show him. Driving his newly built flying vehicle, Rick explains that he has made a neutrino bomb: he has decided that Earth needs a “fresh start” and to do that he wants to destroy humanity and plans to start over with Morty and Jessica as the new “Adam and Eve.” Morty tries to “take control of the situation” by getting behind the wheel of the vehicle. Rick eventually decides to land the vehicle, and when he does, he says that it was all a test to get Morty to be more assertive. He passes out and the bomb announces that it is armed and (presumably) activates.

The next morning, Morty falls asleep at breakfast. His mother Beth is concerned and Morty’s older sister Summer explains that he was out with Grandpa Rick. This causes an argument between Jerry and his father-in-law. Rick points out that he thinks school is a complete waste of time; before leaving the room, he compliments the breakfast his daughter Beth has prepared, prompting her to cry tears of joy and stop being mad at her father, much to her husband Jerry’s annoyance.

Later that day at school, Mr. Goldenfold gives a math test and Morty falls asleep and falls into a dream full of numbers. However, the dream quickly turns into a sexual encounter with Jessica, in which she asks him to play with her exposed breasts. Mr. Goldenfold unknowingly finds himself at the end of Morty’s subconscious fantasy. Later, Morty is attacked by a bully named Frank; Rick appears out of nowhere, uses a frost beam to stop him, and convinces Morty to skip History because he needs an “extra pair of hands” in another dimension. Rick and Morty then leave the school, leaving Frank frozen and teetering in the hallway. Summer walks by (not realizing he’s frozen or doesn’t care) and tries to impress Frank, but the front of his leg snaps and he falls over, shattering into pieces on the floor as Summer screams.

During his lunch break, Jerry visits his wife Beth while she is having heart surgery to invite her to lunch, but she declines. She then suggests that Rick be placed in a nursing home, prompting an indignant response from Beth, who lashes out at the nurse.

In the alley, Rick opens a portal in the wall and both Rick and Morty enter it and emerge on the hillside in a colorful and oddly shaped world. Rick tells a stunned Morty that they are in dimension 35-C and explains that he needs the mega-seeds from the megatrees for his research. When Morty expresses his anxiety about the strange situation, Rick tries to calm Morty down by talking about facing his fears, but is suddenly interrupted by a strange spider-like beast chasing them, as Rick openly states that he has never seen anything like it. before and that they will die. After escaping the monster and walking past several more monsters, Rick interrupts another set of Morty’s objections and directs Morty’s attention to a grove of mega trees at the bottom of a steep-walled valley. After refusing to answer Morty about the nature of the mega seeds, Rick gives Morty some anchor boots to use to climb the wall. Morty goes over the edge and falls off a cliff because Rick neglected to tell Morty to fasten his shoes.

Meanwhile, Jerry and Beth are still debating whether or not to put Rick in a retirement home. Beth is upset because she believes her husband Jerry is trying to rob her of her father, who has only recently moved in with them, while Jerry believes Rick is a terrible influence on their son Morty and needs to leave. After a brief interruption from Beth’s assistant Davina, Beth counters her husband’s argument, saying that Morty was struggling at school before Rick moved in; the fact that Morty has a boyfriend is more important to her than any potential harm. The principal of the school, Gene Vagina, calls and asks the couple to come to the school and talk to him.

Back in dimension 35-C, Morty lies on the ground at the bottom of a cliff, his legs horribly broken in more than three places. As Rick lectures Morty on the folly of not being able to fasten his shoes, Morty yells at Rick for his indifference and his singular focus on the megaseeds rather than his injuries. Rick then leaves Morty, disappearing into the portal for a few seconds before returning and injecting Morty’s legs with a serum that heals Morty’s broken legs. With his legs fully functional again, Morty uses his grappling boots to retrieve the mega-fruit while Rick explains that he has traveled to a future dimension in which technology, among other things, has stopped the aging process. Unfortunately, he continues, he spent so much time in the alternate dimension that his portal weapon ran out of charge. As Morty panics, Rick explains that they will have to go through interdimensional customs and that in order for the seeds to remain hidden, Morty will have to smuggle the megaseeds through customs in his anus. Morty objects, but Rick insists because years of smuggling have not allowed him to do the same.

Meeting with Principal Vagina, Jerry and Beth are informed that their son Morty has attended school for a total of seven hours over the course of two months. Additionally, the principal tells them that Rick is the one removing Morty from the school.

When Rick and Morty arrive at customs, they discover that the insect-like security guards have a new machine that “detects things down to [someone’s] butt”. Rick yells at Morty to run and shoves the guards to the ground and the two take a break as the guards close in on them and pass various creatures from other dimensions. Rick destroys several things at customs to slow down security and also attacks two aliens who are bystanders. Using anchor boots and other means of evasion, the two manage to reach the portal, but Rick has to enter the coordinates of their home dimension. When the guards start shooting at them, Rick tells Morty to shoot at them, telling him that they are robots. However, when Morty shoots one of them, he discovers that they are not robots, but living organisms. Rick explains that he used a metaphor: the guards are bureaucrats and he doesn’t respect them. Wilhelm’s scream can be heard during the firefight. Rick finishes entering the coordinates and pulls Morty through the portal into the school cafeteria; Morty lands in front of Jessica and impresses her. Unfortunately, they get caught by Jerry, Beth, and the principal.

The couple begin moving Rick’s belongings, which are all in the garage, into a moving van with the intention of moving him to a nursing home. Rick argues with his daughter and son-in-law, who reveal that Morty has a learning disability. Rick then asks Morty to state the square root of pi and the first law of thermodynamics, both of which he recites quickly and correctly. He explains that adventure is the best way for Morty to learn


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