Rick and Miorty season 3 Episode 6 Rest and Ricklaxation


The episode begins at school, where Morty learns that Jessica broke up with Brad and tries to ask her out. The moment is interrupted by Rick asking Morty to go with him on what he promises will be a quick twenty minute adventure for the crystal. This adventure lasts six days, and although they are heroes and Rick has retrieved the crystal, both Morty and Rick end up collapsing. Rick, too stressed out from non-stop adventures, finally decides it’s time for a vacation.

While relaxing in an alien spa, they decide to try out a machine that supposedly removes all toxicity from its users. After using it, Rick and Morty find themselves in a toxic wasteland full of disgusting creatures, at first believing that the machine blew up the rest of the spa, but Rick discovers that they are not the real Rick and Morty: they are literally the toxicity of themselves, Toxic Rick as a gross, lying , the alcoholic, genius cretin part of himself, and Toxic Morty is the nervous, pathetic, self-loathing part of himself. As the real Rick and Morty leave the spa refreshed after their vacation—Rick has normal skin instead of his alcoholic gray skin—Toxic Rick begins planning a way to get out.

Stripped of all his insecurities, Morty suddenly becomes popular and confident at school, helping the self-esteem of almost all the students and impressing Mr. Goldenfold by openly insulting him in class. He even plucks up the courage to ask Jessica out, which she happily accepts. However, Rick reveals to Morty that he started getting strange signals on his phone, which he traced back to the spa and after further investigation, he found out what actually happened to their detoxification. Although Morty tells him to ignore it, Rick feels compelled to re-merge with his toxicity, having removed the part of himself that wouldn’t care, so he cares that they accidentally created life.

Morty’s date with Jessica does not go well, as Jessica is put off by Morty’s outspokenness and seeming inability to stop talking. Morty is cool and convinces another girl named Stacy to come home with him. Upon arrival, he learns that Rick bought the machine at the spa and, working with Toxic Rick and Toxic Morty, rigged it so they could reconnect with their toxic selves. Morty refuses, claiming that Toxic Rick could be lying, so Rick tries to force him into the machine. However, just as the machine is activated, Morty says the agreed upon “safe word” (Sea Cucumber) and Stacy pulls them out and takes their place, teleporting her into the tank and replacing her with Toxic Rick and Toxic Morty, who are enjoying themselves. by deceiving their true selves until they realized they were all in the same room.

Toxic Rick first tries to get Rick into the toxic tank, but eventually decides to make the entire world toxic instead, using the Moon Tower to transmit the toxicity around the planet. At first, Rick refuses to stop them, saying that it is not up to him to decide which dimensions will be saved or destroyed, but after being slapped by Morty, he realizes that the detox machine removes toxicity from the user based on the person’s definition of toxicity. Toxic Rick can turn the world into a toxic one, driving it to utter depravity and violence, just like Rick and Morty. Realizing that his normal self considers his irrational attachments to humans toxic, Rick knows that Toxic Rick cares too much for Morty to let him die: with this knowledge, Toxic Rick shoots Morty with a nanobot virus that destroys him in twenty minutes . cutting that time in half with each progressive shot until a desperate Toxic Rick finally agrees to team up with him again. Having reverted to his former self, Rick shuts down the toxicity beam and restores the world, but Morty jetpacks away so he doesn’t have to reconnect with his toxic self. Rick is shocked that he didn’t expect this.

Three weeks later, Morty has become a Wolf of Wall Street-style trader in New York and lives a completely healthy lifestyle with his attractive girlfriend Jacqueline. At his apartment, he gets a call from Jessica, who begs him to come back, which she knows is part of Rick’s plan to track down his location. However, he doesn’t hang up in time and Rick and Jessica track him down. Using a group of drones to tie Morty down, Rick forcibly reinjected the boy’s toxicity, turning him back into his poor self. As Rick and Jessica argue over who actually wanted normal Morty back, Morty amicably breaks up with Jacqueline. He offers her an apartment and drones. However, Rick refuses to give up on the other because he loves their ability to create a Voltron-like combination.

Mirroring the opening scene, Morty listens to Jessica talk about dating Brad again, which she says wasn’t a date, but her friends say it’s proof they’re back together. Just as Rick is dragging Morty on another adventure, Jessica stops him and lets him know she’s glad to have him back.

In the post-credits scene, the tour visits the Moon Tower and discovers the reservoir. Once powered up, Stacy is teleported back to the real world and shouts the safe word from the previous episode. 


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