Rick and Miorty season 3 Episode 5 The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy


Cold open

The episode opens with Jerry wallowing in his lonely new life. However, as he is about to go to bed, Rick suddenly bursts into his apartment and drags him out naked, promising an intergalactic adventure, much to Jerry’s confusion.


On the journey through space, Jerry questions Rick’s motive for inviting him, to which Rick explains that he only did so at Morty’s behest, fearing that his father might become suicidal. The reluctant duo soon arrive at an intergalactic resort on another world. When Rick and the supposed enemy (Shnoopy Bloopers) kill each other, then immediately come back to life, he explains to a shocked Jerry that the entire facility is surrounded by an immortality field, meaning that even if Jerry tried to kill himself on their vacation, it wouldn’t be possible . After greatly strengthening his relationship with Rick, Jerry is quickly captured while using the restroom at the resort and is brought before Rick’s true enemy named Risotto Groupon, whose people were enslaved after Rick sold weapons to their enemies. With Jerry’s help, he plans to assassinate Rick on a roller coaster called Whirly-Dirly, a place where the ride leads outside the protective field of immortality. When Jerry politely declines, Risotto allows him to leave unharmed.

Jerry continues to drink with Rick, however during the conversation Rick admits that he was basically the main reason Beth broke up with him. Now shaken by his new view of Rick, Jerry invites Rick to join him on the Whirly-Dirly. During the ride, however, Rick apologizes for the marriage breakup, and a guilty Jerry tries to change his mind, but he can’t get Rick off the ride before he starts. After Jerry is shot and revived, Rick notices the killers behind him and fights back. In the middle of the fight, Jerry calls out to Rick and points to an area that dips out of the field. After dealing with the killer, Rick realizes something and asks Jerry how he knew about the kill point. However, he is interrupted when several other assassins in a helicopter attempt to physically pull Rick out of the immortality field. Rick quickly takes off his coat and detonates the bomb hidden inside, taking out the helicopter and sending the roller coaster into the surrounding jungle, disabling the resort’s immortality field in the process. A suspicious Rick asks Jerry how he knew about Whirly-Dirly, only for the mortally wounded assassin to reveal that they made a deal. After learning of Jerry’s involvement in his assassination attempt, Rick slowly approaches Jerry, causing him to back into a massive alien snake, refusing help as Jerry is slowly being eaten alive by said snake. Jerry denounces Rick as a “self-righteous piece of shit” who stole his family. An enraged Rick appeals, reminding Jerry that Beth was his daughter before she became his wife, and that her life was stolen when Jerry impregnated her at the prom, which in turn led to her being stolen from Rick. Next, Rick claims that Beth had options, but she gave them all up because she felt sorry for Jerry. Jerry acts like prey, but he’s actually a predator who uses his poor nature as a way to manipulate others. While Jerry is about to be digested, Rick finally kills the snake and saves it to use as bait for another alien creature. Just as it looks like Jerry is about to be eaten, Rick tranquilizes the creature and attaches wires to it, allowing him to control it and take them to an airport in a shuttle that will get them close to the Milky Way.

While traveling through the checkpoint for a spaceship heading off-world, security injects Rick, who is considered a terrorist threat and is revealed to have secret cybernetic enhancements, with a synaptic suppressor to reduce his intelligence to that of a young child. Jerry is quick to use Rick like a child, belittling him all the while. Unfortunately, Risotto catches up during this time and is ready to shoot Rick while he is too stupid to do anything. Risotto decides to let Jerry go, not out of pity, but because he feels Jerry is a poor excuse of a man and would rather not waste a bullet. Determined to prove himself, Jerry tries to fend off Risotto but fails. Risotto changes his mind and decides to shoot Jerry too. However, Jerry causes Risotto to shoot an important piece of trim just as the spaceship is passing through the wormhole. Space, time, and matter merge, causing Rick, Jerry, and Risotto to all merge and experience each other’s thoughts and personalities for a moment and for eternity. After he emerges, everyone feels changed by the experience and Risotto considers forgiving Rick. However, Rick, now free of the effects of the synaptic suppressor, simply steals his gun using his cybernetic shoulder implants and shoots him anyway, as Rick assumed that Risotto would just change his mind and try to kill them again. Afterwards, Rick and Jerry return home and agree to skip the parts of the adventure that make them look bad. Rick offers Jerry to let him in for a minute, but Jerry declines. Claiming that if the rest of his family saw him in the state he was in, they would feel sorry for him and make people feel sorry for him would no longer be his typical move. Rick bids Jerry farewell, only to immediately lock the door and set up a deadly countermeasure to keep him out. Watching his family happy without him, Jerry sighs and goes home.

B land

While Beth is building a small sculpture out of horse hooves, Summer asks Beth if she is hot. Beth simply says that her looks aren’t something to focus on, so Summer describes herself as horrible and retreats to the garage. It was then revealed that Ethan broke up with her, claiming it was because they no longer had anything in common, and began dating another girl named Tricia Lange. Summer is convinced that Ethan chose Tricia over her because Tricia had bigger breasts. She then tries to enlarge her breasts with Rick’s Morphizer-XE, but ends up becoming a disproportionate giant trapped in a garage.

Morty and Beth realize that the Morphizer-XE was responsible, and Morty wants to call Rick back to fix the situation. However, Beth insists that she can solve the problem without her father’s help, to which Morty scolds her for trying to be like Rick. Beth tries to bring Summer back to normal proportions, which brings her back to normal body proportions, but also makes her bigger than the house. Seeing this as progress, Beth hastily soldiered on and ends up turning Summer inside out.

Morty scolds Beth to call Rick, but she calls the machine’s “tech support” instead. Unfortunately, it turns out that the three (little) tech support workers actually live inside the machine and trick Beth into freeing them. Finally fed up with Beth’s stubbornness, Morty grabs her phone and smashes it on the ground.

Send credits

In the post-credits scene, a severely deformed Ethan is seen limping home, presumably to Morty for injuring Summer and as a lesson in shallowness. Three tech support aliens spotted him, but decided not to help due to their newfound freedom. However, their relief turns to horror when the man is abducted by an eagle.


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