Rick and Miorty season 3 Episode 4 Vindicators 3;The Return of Worldered


Rick and Morty start cleaning up some wormy creatures in the garage that Rick claims can’t make it up the food chain. The crystal on the shelf begins to glow and Morty points out that it’s the Vindicators out to help save the universe again, for the second time. Rick flatly refuses to answer the actual call for an adventure, but eventually relents as Morty brings up the fact that he can choose any adventure in ten.

Rick and Morty are then seen sitting at a conference table as Supernova informs them of the Worldender threat. Rick ends up first insulting them and then introducing them to all the members of the Vindicators except for Vance Maximus the Renegade Star Soldier, who then appears and seemingly charms everyone but Rick.

It is then revealed that this is actually the third time the Vindicators have gathered and that they did not invite Rick and Morty the second time due to a “personality conflict” with Rick and the rest of the Vindicators, resulting in the death of three members of the Vindicators (Lady Katana, Calypso, and Diablo Verde) .

Rick then gets drunk unconscious and the next morning we see him with no pants on and diarrhea all over the conference table. This mess he leaves Noob Noob to clean up instead of going on a mission with the rest of the Vindicators. Afterwards, Vance gives Morty a Vindicators vest to symbolize that he is a welcome member of the Vindicators.

Inside the Worldender’s base, the Vindicators make their way through the traps and then into the Worldender’s main room. The Worldender is then revealed to be already dying/dead and Rick then tries to leave with Morty. But then all the Vindicators are trapped inside the room as Rick set it up when he was drunk. It turns out that “Drunk Rick” created a Saw-like sequence where the Vindicators are forced to play games to survive or they all die.

After a nervous breakdown, Vance attempts to escape, only to be shot, burned, and cut in half in the ventilation system in a gruesome death. Morty then solves the puzzle and compares the Vindicators to Rick’s opinion of them: Unoriginal.

In the next room, a drunken Rick asks the Vindicators to find a place they would never mention. Crocubot then goes to the hologram map of the universe to alert Dorian 5. However, he is wrong and is crushed to death. Dorian 5 was revealed to be a planet destroyed (along with its population) by the Vindicators in order to defeat the Doom-nometron, a shapeshifter who had been hiding on the planet during the Vindicators’ mission 2. Rick stated that if he was brought in, he could create a machine that would seconds found the Doom-nometron. Morty then goes up to the map and finds Israel, the correct answer because Morty knows that when Rick is drunk he rambles on about the UN and defense budgets, which Rick defends not because he is anti-Semitic.

In the next room, they need to make 5 threes in 5 minutes or the planet will be blown up by a neutrino bomb. Morty goes to defuse the bomb, which turns out to be a lot more than Rick knew, while the Vindicators work to score three points. During this, Supernova, Million Ants and Alan Rails discuss how Supernova and Alan used to be married and how Supernova cheated on Alan with Million Ants. Alan and the Million Ants then start fighting, Supernova then suspends them in the air and the Million Ants kill Alan. Rick makes a clever remark that is the last straw for Supernova, who decides to arrest both Rick and Morty.

In the final room, a drunken Rick asks for something he believes the Vindicators have and wants. It is assumed that the drunken Rick is talking about Morty because the Vindicators are heroes to Morty – and Rick is not. So Morty steps onto the platform and is taken on a ride in which a drunken Rick appears to express his love for Morty as his grandson. However, it turns out that the ride was intended for Nooba Nooba, simply because he was laughing at Rick’s jokes about the Vindicators while Morty was hero worshipped.Morty gets off the ride (with a disgusted look on his face) and the platform they’re on starts to rise. Supernova then goes to kill Rick and Morty for the death drunk Rick, to which the Million Ants try to convince Supernova not to, only for Supernova to be killed

Morty gets off the ride (with a disgusted look on his face) and the platform they’re on starts to rise. Supernova then goes to kill Rick and Morty for the death drunk Rick, to which the Million Ants try to convince Supernova not to, only for Supernova to be killed.

Before Supernova can do the same to Rick and Morty, the platform gets to a party with music star Logic singing a rap song about the Vindicators. Supernova escapes, and when Morty points this out, Rick dismissively says that 20 people try to kill him a week, and ends up getting angry with half of them, pointing out that Gearhead is there. The one who takes Morty’s Vindicators vest when Morty throws it away. Beth and Summer are also at the party along with other previously seen characters.

Just then, Logic mentions Noob Noob in a rap song, to which Rick asks “Who the hell is Noob Noob?”, causing Morty to show another uncomfortable look.

In the post-credits scene, Gearhead is seen wearing a Vindicators vest trying to pick up some (possible) female college students, but when an alien terrorist attack hits, he goes down an alley to throw off the vest and run before tripping. onto a pile of gears and is dismantled.


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