Rick and Miorty season 3 Episode 7 The Ricklantis Mixup


As Rick and Morty prepare to travel to Atlantis, they are interrupted by the Rick and Morty duo seeking donations for the Citadel rebuilding fund. Our Rick and Morty refute the donation possibility with hostility, pointing out that our Rick was the one who ruined it, and the couple leaves.

The scene then cuts to a full-fledged, well-crafted Citadel that goes beyond just ruling the territory of a (mostly) functioning society consisting of only Ricks and Mortys. The Citadel is quickly recovering from Rick’s attempt to destroy it, workers are restructuring its foundation, commuters are continuing their work, and elections are underway. Controversy surrounds Morty’s decision to run a political campaign, with news anchor Ricks sardonically and aggressively slandering him on the news, leading Campaign Manager Morty to suggest that candidate Morty drop out of the race. Despite this, the candidate refuses Morty.


Meanwhile, a Morty Pride rally/protest takes place in the streets. Here, newly recruited cop Rick, standing in front of Cafe Sanchez, is surprised to find that he has been paired with a jaded and judgmental cop, Morty, who has anti-Morty sentiments and tasers any Morty that approaches his car. they curse as “yellow shirts” (much to the surprise of Officer Rick). Despite being called, Officer Morty deflects that no one cares about broken codes or corruption. The pair are called to handle a heist committed in “Mortytown”, a ghetto inhabited by Mortys, who for some reason was deemed unsuitable for pairing with another Rick.

While this is happening, a Morty school session is taking place where the Mortys are learning how to behave when they are assigned a new Rick. After the lesson, they are told that they will graduate and will be assigned a new Rick the next day. Hearing this, Lizard Morty, Glasses Morty, and Left-Handed Morty (Left Hand Morty) are encouraged by Slick Morty to make the most of their little time left together by going to the “wish portal”. The four finally agree to go on the trip together.

During this, Simple Rick’s wafer factory (wafers infused with Simple Rick’s mental resonance and his memory of spending time with young Beth on her birthday), Rick, who later became Factory Terrorick (Rick J-22) is handed for promotion in favor of Cool Rick (K-83).

Meanwhile, Officer Rick and Officer Morty arrive in Mortytown to investigate a reported robbery, where Officer Rick learns more about the resident Mortys and the conditions they live in. The pair question Morty Mart manager Morty, who describes the appearance of the robbers as four normal-looking Mortys. While Officer Rick tries to get more information, Officer Morty uses his Morty nature to try and get some inside information from some vandalizing Mortys. After the Vandal Mortys criticize him for his uniform and his relationship with Rick, Police Officer Morty attacks, interrogates them forcefully, and discovers that the crime was committed by a group called the “Mortytown Locos”. Officer Rick, shocked that Officer Morty broke the codes, is ordered back to the car.

Meanwhile, the presidential election campaign began, with all of Ricks candidates providing their own solutions to the problems currently surrounding the Citadel. When it comes time for Politician Morty to offer a solution to the social divide between Ricks and Mortys, he is mocked by his rivals. However, he answers clearly, concluding that the great divide is a result of the Citadel’s death, and that the main solution is to realize that there are many Ricks and Mortys who believe in the Citadel’s prosperity and success, as opposed to those who don’t. As the crowd reacts with great applause, Campaign Manager Morty is overwhelmed by Politician Morty’s success, to which Politician Morty responds by firing him.

As Politician Morty delivers his message, Rick J-22 manages to explode in rage, killing Regional Manager Rick and forcing himself to retreat into the flavor core of Simple Rick’s Factory with Simple Rick unconscious, locking the room around him. As he is shown trapped in a room, Ricks SWAT team begins swarming the building, attempting to negotiate and rationalize with Rick J-22, but to no avail.

As Campaign Manager Morty watches the event unfold on television from a bar, the coverage switches back to the highly probable victory of politician Morty and his speeches. Campaign Manager Morty shows his negative feelings about the situation and is then confronted by Investigator Rick, who supplies him with some classified files and warns him that he should be afraid of what’s to come.

In Mortytown, the Mortytown Locos also follow the same manifestations as Bootleg Portal Chemist Rick attempts to create Bootleg Portal Fluid for interdimensional transport. At the same time, Officer Rick and Officer Morty break down the door and arrest three of the Mortytown Locos. Portal chemist Bootleg Rick attempts to escape through his own portal fluid only to be killed due to smuggling issues. Officer Rick then looks around the floor to find the fourth member of the Mortytown Locos, who plays on Rick’s sympathy and stabs him in the shoulder. Rick quickly shoots the fourth member, and Cop Morty comforts Rick, saying it’s okay to trust Mortys, but only the right ones. As Rick leaves to get treatment, the cop Morty then destroys the building.

Meanwhile, Lizard Morty, Glasses Morty, Slick Morty, and Left-Handed Morty attempt to take some mega fruit, only to be chased off into a stream by an angry Mega Fruit Farmer Rick and his robot dog. As time turns to night, the group then gather around a campfire, where they converse over their wishes. Slick Morty, however, presents negative, dramatic opinion, causing Glasses Morty to comfort him by clarifying that he is more than just a dramatic person.

Whilst this occurs, Politician Morty leaves Hard Rick Cafe to a large crowd of Ricks and Mortys who are excited over his recent statements. Within this crowd, Politician Morty spots his former Campaign Manager Morty and asks about his job search. Campaign Manager Morty states his new job is to assassinate Politician Morty as he pulls a gun from his jacket and shoots Politician Morty, causing him to bleed and lose consciousness. Campaign Manager Morty is then swiftly tasered by a Secret Service Rick, causing him to be apprehended.

Following their recent handling of the Mortytown Locos, Cop Morty takes Cop Rick to a club called The Creepy Morty, where he meets Big Morty, a drug-lord who presents Cop Rick and Cop Morty with money for their efforts. Cop Rick, having moral issues with this action, attempts to make an arrest of Big Morty, but causes a shootout in the club. During this shootout, Cop Morty tackles Big Morty to the ground, ready to kill. However, Cop Rick attempts to get Cop Morty to do the right thing, knowing he is capable of doing so. Cop Morty attempts to play with Rick’s sympathy, only to end Big Morty by surprise, but Rick expected it this time and kills him before he can turn on him. Cop Rick leaves the club, where he surrenders to the other police officers over the death of the many Mortys in the club.

Meanwhile, Rick J-22’s negotiation for a working portal gun seemingly succeeds, causing the SWAT Team Ricks to deliver him a portal gun. Rick J-22 then awakens Simple Rick from his long unconscious state and sends him through the portal first, revealing that the dimension the portal gun was set to was the Blender Dimension and leads to Simple Rick’s death. As he holds no leverage, the SWAT team finally cut a hole in the door to rush in, only to be stopped by Rick D. Sanchez III maxresdefault-7

, who sympathizes with Rick J-22, letting him go free. However, as he is set free, a narrative voice appears again, revealing that Rick J-22’s attempted escape is just a replaying memory which the company is feeding off of to create their new product.

Lizard Morty, Glasses Morty, Slick Morty, and Left-Handed Morty all manage to get to the Wishing Portal, where they all throw something of value to them in return for a wish. Left-Handed Morty throws in his panini maker, wishing for a million sandwiches, while also acknowledging the irony of his wish. Lizard Morty throws in his surfer necklace, wishing for something better in return. Glasses Morty throws in a piece of technology, wishing for incest porn to be more mainstream. However, Slick Morty becomes sad and expresses his wish for life to change for Mortys, ultimately throwing himself into the portal. It is then later revealed that the portal is part of a garbage dump.

Meanwhile, Campaign Manager Morty is thrown into an airlock chamber by Secret Service Ricks, revealing to him that his assassination attempt failed and that Politician Morty will become the President of the Citadel. Campaign Manager Morty attempts to warn them that Politician Morty is not who he seems, but the Secret Service Ricks disregard him, sending him out into the vacuum of space.

Cop Rick is shown in a small interrogation room, ready to accept his punishment, when council members enter, telling him that he is free and none of his actions matter, due to the changes in department codes.

Lizard Morty, Glasses Morty, and Left-Handed Morty return to Morty School, only to find Teacher Rick to be locking the doors, revealing that no Ricks will be coming for the graduation and that he is fired, due to changes in the curriculum. The trio believes that Slick Morty’s wish came true, where now a new, different life is available for Mortys.

Rick D. Sanchez III enters a room with the Shadow Council of Ricks and the new President Morty. One member of the Council, Garment District Rick, then raises his opinion, stating that it doesn’t matter who sits in the president’s chair as the Council has, and always will, have control over the Citadel. President Morty, who has his back to them, responds to this by holding up his mirror and having the Ricks raise their hand if they agree with that statement before calling his guards to assassinate those who agreed. President Morty then asks the surviving Ricks, who are all now terrified, if they will obey and they agree.

A montage shows new banners being deployed, Cop Rick going back to work, the trio of Lizard Morty, Glasses Morty, and Left-Handed Morty clad in new uniforms and harvesting mega fruits, and the corpses of the council members being dragged into airlock chambers, while President Morty ponders about making a “cold, calculated speech with sinister overtones” about the changes in politics, about order, brotherhood, and power, only to declare that, now that he is elected, the time for speeches is over and he can finally act.

The dead council members are expelled into space, where they join the floating bodies of many Ricks and Mortys, including Cop Morty, Big Morty, Investigator Rick, and lastly Campaign Manager Morty, shown next to the secret documents which reveal the newly-elected “President Morty” is none other than the former Eye Patch Morty who had controlled “Evil” Rick” in “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind“.

In the post-credit scene, Rick C-137 and his Morty return from their Atlantis adventure, where they boast and recollect about their sexual interactions with the mermaids. Morty asks Rick if he is concerned at all about the Citadel’s return, to which he confidently responds that such a place “will never have any bearing over [their] lives ever again”.

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