Rick and Morty season 3 Episode 8 Morty's Mind Blowers

 Rick and Morty season 3  Episode 8 Morty’s Mind Blowers 

The episode starts off with Rick and Morty on the run from a strange humanoid creature set in a world similar to M.C. Escher’s painting “Relativity” in which there are stairs all over the place and the rules. Morty is seen holding a turtle-like creature named the “Truth Tortoise.” Morty looks at the Truth Tortoise, despite Rick’s warnings, and causes Morty to drop the creature in a void. The place collapses, but not before the duo escapes.

Both of them arrive to the Smith residence. Rick wants both of them to watch Interdimensional Cable, but Morty complains about the looping memory in his head and asks Rick to erase the memory off his mind. So Rick leads Morty to a secret chamber underneath the garage, which contains various tubes that archives memories Morty wanted Rick to remove. Rick calls them “Morty’s Mind Blowers” hence the title, then faces the audience telling them that they will be doing this instead of watching Interdimensional Cable.

Morty asks Rick how long he ever wanted to remove certain memories, and Rick just replies that he wanted to “ever since your (Morty) mind was blown.” Rick grabs a blue tube and nicknames it “Moon-spiracy” just before Rick activates the helmet and places the tube on the hole of the helmet.

The memory starts off with Morty and a telescope just outside their front lawn. Morty at first admires the American flag planted on the lunar surface before he notices a strange figure standing in a mid-stride walking pose. He then goes and tells his family, but nobody, including Rick, believes him; they suggest that it was merely a smudge on the lens. He then finds out that Mr. Lunas is, in fact, a real person, as he comes to Morty’s high school to work as a guidance counselor. Later on, Morty snaps pictures of Lunas, planting an American flag in his yard, and tells Principal Vagina that he thinks Lunas is “up to something” and “lives on the moon.” Vagina takes this as a metaphor for pedophilia and goes outside to the parking lot to confront Lunas, ending in Lunas getting punched in the face. As a result of this accusation, Lunas goes home and commits suicide, which Morty finds out about from the ambulances outside of Lunas’ home. Morty later eavesdrops on Lunas’ funeral, where it is learned that Lunas served in the Marine Corps, and that “from a certain angle, some people would say he looked like a smudge.” Morty then runs home and sees that there is, in fact, a smudge on his telescope lens, realizing that he inadvertently drove Lunas to kill himself.

Morty ended up inserting memories on his own. He started to remember Beth choosing Summer’s life over his, Beth, Summer, and Rick insulting Morty as Voltematron forces himself back into Morty’s mouth, Rick killing an animal that helped them find water and having him and Morty enter its guts after confusing Venzenulon 7 with Venzenulon 9, Rick tricking NASA employees into rescuing them so they could replace him and Morty in a menagerie, Morty getting chased by a hoard of squirrels after learning they controlled the world forcing him and Rick to move to a new reality again, Rick sending lambs to the Cosmic Slaughter, Morty having his hand chopped off, Rick hunting Morty as a ghost, Morty’s head being attached to Snowball’s body, Rick juggling Morty’s body parts, Morty being eaten and pooped out by an alien, Mr. Poopybutthole proposing to Morty, etc. Rick also happened to have erased memories from Morty that involved Rick himself getting embarrassed just to secure his own pride.

After realizing that Rick also took away memories without Morty asking or even wanting him to, Morty gets enraged and attacks Rick, pinning him to the floor. Rick manages to use the mind eraser on Morty, but Morty turns the tables and points the device at Rick while it’s still being used. This causes them to not remember each other. Trying to find out who they are, Morty uses the helmet and goes through many more traumatic memories until he snaps and decides to kill himself over it, while Rick joins in as part of the suicide pact.

Summer enters as Rick and Morty have guns to their own heads. When Rick doesn’t remember her, Summer quickly realizes the situation. She reveals that Rick had a contingency plan should this happen (and has used it several times before) and tranquilizes them, restores both of their memories and drags them to the living room. Rick and Morty wake up on the couch. They believe that they slept through an entire “Interdimensional Cable” episode as Rick questions how that even happened. The two then hurl verbal abuse at Summer and decide to head off on another adventure. Summer moans that this is the reason the two are “constantly fighting and behind schedule”.

In the post-credits scene, Jerry shows up in Rick’s garage and discovers a box containing “Jerry’s Mind Blowers” where, in a twisted homage to E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, he discovers he accidentally left an alien to die in his car.


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