Rick and Morty season 1 Episode 8 Rixty Minutes


The Smith family gathered around the television and invested in a “Bachelor” style reality show. Rick expresses disgust at the quality of the television, and Jerry challenges him to provide something better. Rick destroys the existing cable box and installs his own: a cable box capable of receiving television in infinite dimensions. Shows aired in these alternate realities vary wildly, such as Showtime’s reality crime show where humans evolved from corn. Rick flips through the channels to show the endless possibilities before the family sees Jerry on an episode of David Letterman, in reality where he was a famous movie star. This excites the rest of the family and Rick gets the angry feeling that they are obsessing over the wrong things.

Rick pulls out the interdimensional glasses and throws them into the kitchen, where Jerry, Beth, and Summer chase after them. Morty says he doesn’t care enough about himself to see what his alternate self would be like, to which Rick congratulates him. Both then watch various commercials and clips from alternate realities.

Meanwhile, Jerry, Beth and Summer are in the kitchen taking turns using the glasses. Jerry is seen doing cocaine with Johnny Depp, while Beth is seen operating on a human instead of a horse. Summer has trouble finding any other reality of hers except when the family is playing Yahtzee. During this time, she discovers for the first time that she was an unwanted pregnancy, and the news upsets her greatly. Seeing her parents achieve their dreams in realities where she wasn’t born, she tells them she’s running away.

The alternate realities of their lives shake Jerry and Beth to the core, and they decide that maybe it would be better to spend time apart. Summer goes upstairs and starts packing and Morty tries to comfort her. She tries to push him away before pointing outside to the graves in the backyard (from the episode “Rick Potion #9”). She reveals the truth that he is not really her brother, but a brother from another reality. Morty says to Summer “Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody dies….Come watch TV?”

Beth keeps her glasses on while lying on the kitchen floor enjoying her alternate life. The television in the main room shows an alternate reality of Jerry, drugged out, stripped down to his underwear, his head half shaved, driving a scooter down the highway with swarms of police cars behind him. Rick almost changes the channel, but Jerry yells at him to stop it. They watch as alternate reality Jerry arrives on alternate reality Beth’s doorstep and tells her that he hates his life and regrets not continuing their relationship. Beth and Jerry are stunned as they run to hug each other.

In the post-credits sequence, the Smith family follows the news in the world of hamsters. The family asks Rick a wide range of questions about the world until they reluctantly create a portal to the world so they can “ask them themselves”. Jerry excitedly calls it a family vacation, and the Smith family vacations in Hamster-In-Butt World, where a photo montage shows them all having a good time (even Rick at the end)


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