Rick and Morty season 1 Episode 7 Raising Gazorpazorp


While Rick is haggling with the owner of an intergalactic pawn shop, Morty notices a sex robot in the back of the store and asks him if he can have one, saying that it “looks cool” and that he needs a souvenir from his adventures with Rick. in case his grandfather ever died. Rick begrudgingly admits.

Back on Earth, the rest of Morty’s family is troubled by his newly sexually active lifestyle with the robot, with Jerry being particularly vocal against it since all Morty does is stay in his room with the robot. Beth points out that Morty is going through puberty and insists that Jerry not interfere, though she remains cautiously open to the idea when Morty calls Rick for help and her father goes upstairs.

Morty discovers a floating metal sphere that he claims is the robot “Gwendolyn”. Alarmed by the commotion from Rick trying to secure the ball, the rest of the family witness the metal ball give birth to a baby and turn back into a robot. While inspecting the robot’s innards, Rick confirms that the robot has been given the ability to give birth and the baby contains half of Morty’s DNA, shocking Morty and the family. Before he can put the alien baby down, he is stopped by the rest of the family who, despite his protests, ask him to let him live. Rick decides to take the robot to the garage and investigate it further, while Morty is determined to raise “Morty Jr.” as his own.

When Summer visits the garage, Rick identifies the robot’s origin as the planet Gazorpazorp in the Andromeda system and explains that he intends to send Morty Jr. back to his home planet and find suitable parents for him. Summer suggests that she would like to go on an adventure with her grandfather as Morty, but Rick dismisses her, saying that he doesn’t take “cubs” on adventures, which offends Summer. Summer is suddenly captivated by the portal Rick opens, the male Gazorpians, forcing Rick to follow him. Meanwhile, Jerry and Beth try to give Morty parenting advice, but end up disagreeing with their different parenting styles, which alludes to their own disappointments with their children. Morty snaps, asking his parents to back off, instead turning on the TV to show Morty Jr. children’s show; Both Jerry and Beth agree that Morty will inevitably fail with his upbringing.

On Gazorpazorp, Summer is nearly raped by male Gazorpians until Rick saves her in time, but the resulting fight destroys his portal weapon. Rick attempts to repair the weapon using parts from broken sex robots littered around the planet, while Summer is forced to hide in a burqa, disgusted by the planet’s backward patriarchal state. She is offended by Rick’s suggestion that the male Gazorpians removed their females for efficiency due to their progress, ultimately causing a fallout that knocked them back to their “Stone Age”. Just then, a gigantic floating stone head flies over the male Gazorpian to drop the other sex robots the males are copulating with. Rick and Summer pounce on one of the robots and enter the stone head, which is revealed to be controlled by sophisticated Gazorpian women who profess a terrible aversion to men, forcing Summer and Rick to fake a master-slave relationship.

The Gazorpians bring Rick and Summer to their underground matriarchal utopia and bring them before their leader, Ma-Sha. Ma-Sha reveals that the Gazorpian women have decided to separate from the men. To continue their species, they created sex robots and separated the resulting children by gender; the little girls are educated into their society while the children are evicted to the surface of the planet. When Summer exclaims that the babies are just babies, Ma-Sha tells her that Gazorp males mature within a day and become one of the most violent and aggressive species in the universe. Rick realizes that Morty is in big trouble, as is Earth. How Morty Jr. grows from childhood to childhood, Morty is horrified when Morty Jr. expresses a desire to cause destruction, murder, and mayhem, and insists that Morty Jr. inside, and claims that the outdoor atmosphere is for Morty Jr. poisonous. , this causes Morty Jr.’s relationship with Morty is tense because when Morty tries to distract Morty Jr. to dance on a children’s show, finally on Morty Jr. he screams, causing Morty Jr to cry, to which Jerry and Beth remark, “Nice”.

Summer explains to Ma-Sha that a male Gazorpian was born on her planet, causing Ma-Sha to question the state of gender equality on Earth. This sparked an argument between Rick and Summer about gender roles on Earth, which culminated in Rick letting out a massive, resounding fart in protest, much to the disgust of the Gazorp women. After hearing Summer refer to Rick as “Grandpa” and realizing that Summer is a product of male/female reproduction, Ma-Sha orders their arrest. At the same time, Morty Jr. he grew into a teenager, started smoking, and after watching documentaries on the History channel, demands that his warrior tendencies be allowed. After an argument with Morty, Morty Jr. runs out of the house; when he finds that the air is not poisonous to him, he runs away.

Ma-Sha sentences Summer and Rick to death, and after some bickering with Rick, reveals that they are to be crushed under a falling boulder. When Rick apologizes to Summer for their impending fate and completes her top, it gives her an idea. Summer protests by pointing to her top, which Ma-Sha complimented earlier, which she explains was designed by a male Earth fashion designer and proves it by showing them the designer label. Saying that a fraction of male Earthlings are born gay, Summer explains that while the separation of the sexes worked well on Gazorpazorp, the same standards would not work on Earth and it would not be fair to enforce female Gazorpa standards on humans. Since the Gazorpian women recognize that she is better dressed than them in man-made clothes, Ma-Sha should dismiss them. Ma-Sha relents and gives them a spaceship so Summer and Rick can return to their “weird planet where women are equal but not really”.

On Earth, Morty Jr. began. rampage through revelation backed by music. Morty rode in Jerry’s car and tries to get Morty Jr. calm down, which he eventually succeeds in doing. Morty admits to Morty Jr. that he is an alien and was not a good father, but explains that he really wanted Morty Jr. to channel his destructive nature into creative outlets. Brad Anderson, the creator of the Marmaduke comic, agrees as he walks by, revealing that Marmaduke is his creative outlet through which he channels his violent and sexual thoughts. Morty and Morty Jr. they hug goodbye just as Rick and Summer return to Earth, with Rick handing over ownership of the Gazorpian spaceship to Summer. Beth asks where Rick has been, and Rick responds with another fart, which the whole family laughs atAfter the credits, Morty Jr. seen on a TV show (watched by all members of the Smith household) with a talk show host who has grown into a middle-aged man and is now the best-selling author of a book called “My Horrible Father” about his childhood experiences. As Morty cowers, the family is stunned, and Beth assures her son that parenting is a thankless task, and in the end, he did the best he could. Dejected, Morty hopes that Jr. eat enough


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