Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 5 Amortycan Grickfitti

Watch Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 5 Amortycan Grickfitti


Beth asks Jerry to keep an eye on Morty and Summer due to his increased workload, but Rick stops her and shocks her by claiming that he and Jerry are having a “boys night” and have been for some time. He leaves the children alone under the threat of not causing them any trouble while Rick orders them not to touch any of his things. Morty plans to invite Bruce Chutback, a new student at their school, and Summer agrees to help him impress Bruce in hopes of getting him. “Guy’s night” is revealed as Rick letting Jerry hang out with demons who feed on misery and pay off the debt he owes them for selling defective hooks.

Here comes Bruce. Morty and Summer try to impress him with an interdimensional cable and wine, but he is captured by Rick’s car instead. The car’s defense system kicks in when he tries to take him, but Summer and Morty convince him that Rick is in danger and they must take him to save him. They fly through space, show Bruce different planets, and smash anthropomorphic mailbox aliens called “mailboxians” with a baseball bat.

Her work conflict resolved, Beth follows Rick and Jerry to a karaoke bar and watches the demons enjoying Jerry’s groping. Rick admits that he’s using Jerry to feed the demons, but Beth confronts them regardless. Having heard good things about her from Rick and wanting to meet Jerry’s wife, they invite her to drink “Essence of Hell” wine with them and she agrees.

Halfway through their drive, the car’s system stops Bruce, Morty, and Summer. He reveals that he has a recording of the entire night and plans to show Rick everything when he returns, using the time left to do whatever he wants and frame the trio for it. The car uses the solar system as bait to capture and kill a gigantic god-like alien, then claims to be bored. He allows the kids to get food before he takes them home and Rick punishes them. The parking lot at the restaurant is damaged by a “Changeformer”, a robot that can swing back and forth between cars. Believing the car to be a Changeformer as well, she invites him to hang out with them at the galactic ski resort and drives off. Bruce gets the car to admit his insecurities about being a virgin and offers to help him disguise himself as a robot in exchange for not telling Rick about the ride, to which he agrees.

A drunken Beth tells embarrassing stories about Jerry, which she takes in stride and doesn’t understand that they’re making fun of him, only realizing when she overhears two demons talking about him in the restroom. Injured, Jerry argues with Rick and Beth, boring the demons. They go on a rampage and kill everyone in the bar, taking Jerry through a portal to Hell, with Rick and Beth in pursuit.

At the ski resort, the car disguised itself as a Changeformer, only to have his fake head cut off when the inviter tried to kiss him. When he hits the car, he sets the room on fire and kills all the Changeformers in a rage. He flees the planet with Bruce, Summer and Morty still inside, with the police in hot pursuit. Worried that they will be killed if they are shot down, Morty throws them out of the car and the trio are arrested.

Disguising themselves as demons, Rick and Beth break into the room where Jerry is being held, but are ambushed by the demons. When Rick tries to electrocute them, he finds that the pain only gives them pleasure, so he can’t attack. They plan to keep Rick and Beth so they have someone to respond to Jerry’s lame attempts at humor and give them more misery to feed off of and raise them on Rick’s flawed hooks, but they fall apart, allowing all three to escape.

The kids get a public defender, which turns out to be a car, killed their lawyer and put a chip in the corpse’s head to control the body. The car tries to get Summer and Morty to turn Bruce over to the authorities, but they refuse, so the car blows up the body it’s inhabiting and escapes with the three through a hole in the wall, blowing up the police station that was holding them. .

Rick, Jerry and Beth kidnap the demon and strap it to a wheelchair with a turret on top. Rick explains that the tower shoots shrapnel that turns pleasure from pain back into pain, but it needs Jerry’s anguish to power it. When Jerry refuses, Rick sincerely apologizes for misleading Jerry and admits that he cares about him, which ends up powering the tower. They use the tower to defeat the demons and the portal from hell. Rick aggressively tells Jerry that the guy’s nights are over, which he takes in stride, much to Rick’s annoyance.

Barely getting home in time, the kids collapse on the couch while the adults don’t notice anything suspicious. Bruce tells Summer and Morty that while he was having fun, he wants to get an idea of ​​what they’re like through the school’s opinions of them, negating the point of them inviting him on, and leaves. Summer and Morty decide that Bruce is lame and decide to drink the wine they offered him together.

In the post-credits scene, Bruce hangs with the popular kids at Harry Herpson High School, who all believe him to be cool, until Sharon Lewis points out that he was wearing the same pants the day before. They reject him and start calling him “Bruce Chutpants”, which the onlookers Summer and Morty latch on to. As he walks the streets, desperate, a group of lettermen pull up in their letterbox-shaped vehicle and beat him up before driving off.


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