Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 4 Rickdependence Spray

Watch Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 4 Rickdependence Spray


While at Beth’s workplace, Morty begs her to hurry up so they don’t miss the movie (in Beth’s words, “the new Marvel shit the kids are raving about”), he notices the hospital’s stud horse. Curious, and to Beth’s surprise, he quickly volunteers to work with her, with the goal of using the horse to push him away. A week later, Morty is resting at home and reminiscing about his deed before noticing the familiar barrel that Rick brought with him. To his shock, he learns that Rick has borrowed a barrel of “horse semen” from the hospital to create a biological weapon to be used on the underground race of cannibalistic horse people called “chuds” that he and Morty have been fighting. After Morty frantically convinces Rick not to test the sperm to verify that it really belongs to a horse, Rick continues to work on his experiment. A surge of current passes through it and the barrel explodes. When Morty arrives, he sees that the sperm have mutated into floating, toothy monsters that eat people. Rick blames himself, believing he brought the wrong sample, much to Morty’s guilt and relief.

The family is airlifted to the Pentagon war room by the president, where Morty agrees to lie to Rick, telling the president that he knows nothing about the outbreak. The President brings in Professor Shabooboo, the world’s leading sperm expert, who theorizes that sperm head to the Grand Canyon because of their vaginal shape. When he brings the captured sperm and announces that he intends to analyze it, Morty shoots him to cover his tracks. At Morty’s suggestion, the president sends Rick, Morty, the country’s nuclear weapons, and a helicopter full of marines to the Grand Canyon. The sperm, rapidly evolving, shoot down the plane with a trebuchet.

Rick, Morty, and two marines (one named Blazen and believed to be unbelievably cool) survive the crash, though the other marine is killed in a sperm attack. Morty rescues the sperm with its tail stuck under a rock after recognizing it as its creator and naming it “Sticky”. In the war room, Summer comes up with an idea to create a giant egg for the sperm to gather into, but her idea is stolen by Shabooboo. The madman leads them to the caves where the sperm is hiding and ends up stabbing himself in the chest and accidentally revealing that he’s wearing a thong, shattering Rick and Morty’s image of him. He asks Morty not to tell Sports Illustrated model Kathy Ireland that he is wearing her thong. He then attempts to perform autofeletio on himself before being engulfed by the sperm. He then freezes Rick in a crystallized seed and the two are led to a talking sperm in a mechanical suit known as the Sperm Queen, who reveals to a disgusted Rick that Morty is responsible for their creation.

Sticky frees them and together they defeat the sperm. As Rick and Morty begin placing nukes along the canyon walls, they discover that all the remaining sperm are headed for Las Vegas. While this is expected given the town’s history, Rick wonders why now. It is revealed that Summer volunteered the egg and the soldiers placed it on top of Luxor, planning to launch it into space after all the sperm enter the egg. Morty radios the president and ends up telling him the truth, horrifying him and the close Smith family; not only because of Morty’s lack of self-control, which led to the “Space Sperm”, but also because of the realization that it would lead to the birth of Morty and Summer’s inbred biological child; “Giant Incest Baby” for short. The President orders Shabooboo to throw the egg into space before the sperm reaches it, but finds that it will take thirty minutes with no way to bypass the timer. Shabooboo commits suicide to avoid any consequences after acknowledging Summer’s idea, while Rick, Morty and Sticky are captured by the poor.

Chud King plans to kill and eat the trio to punish Rick for having sex with his daughter, Princess Ponietta, but she intervenes after revealing that she is pregnant with Rick’s child. He convinces his father to send poor armies to fight the sperm. In Las Vegas, the poor and the government battle the sperm to prevent it from reaching the egg. The Sperm Queen almost crawls to the top of the Luxor, but Sticky pushes her to her death. Unfortunately, to everyone’s horror, he fertilizes the egg himself out of instinct. Summer tries to destroy her egg, but the President intervenes, saying that the baby now exists thanks to a heartbeat and it’s election season. With no other option, he launches it into space.

Morty is met by Kathy Ireland, who approaches Morty to ask if Blazen was wearing her thong when he died. Expecting to be told to keep it a secret, she encourages him to be honest, even if it hurts the people affected by the truth. Morty tells her the truth and she leaves in disgust. Rick decides to confide in Ponietta when she gives birth to a human-freak hybrid who looks like Rick, but she walks away with him without a problem, and Rick pulls out a Staples “Easy” button and presses it, causing her to say “that was easy. .”

In the post-credit scene, the astronaut talks to mission control while he’s doing maintenance on the satellite, discussing how his wife had a baby to try to keep him on Earth, but he left her regardless. As he talks about how the guilt hit him, a “Giant Incest Baby” rises in front of him in a parody of 2001: A Space Odyssey and starts shaking him. During it, the president and the mission leadership complain about him and his drama. 


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