Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 3 One Crew Over the Crewcoo's Morty

Watch Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 3 One Crew Over the Crewcoo’s Morty


Towards the end of their Morty-led temple raid adventure, Rick becomes enraged to discover that their supposed loot has already been taken by robber Miles Knightly, whose adventure Rick describes as “60% getting the crew together and 40% revealing the heist has already happened”.

Rick and Morty travel to Heist-Con with the intention of confronting Miles. But before the two are allowed to enter as professionals (since Rick rejects them as fans), they are told to put together a crew to get their credentials. After a failed attempt to sneak Morty alone, the two return to Rick’s garage, where he decides to enter the convention with the help of his “crew” – made up of the alien pianist Glaro, the literally multi-armed Angie Flint, and a vampire. monster truck diver Truckula.

After successful entry, Rick and Morty immediately kick the three out and proceed to the convention hall where Miles is giving a conference. Rick heckles and confronts Miles, to which the latter challenges him to a “heist” – the first crew to loot Horwitz’s crystal skull wins and consolidates the losing team. After Rick agrees to the terms, Miles declares that he’s already won by introducing his crew—which now includes Glaro, Angie, and Truckula, and reveals that he outsmarted Rick by cutting off all three immediately after Rick left.

But when Miles opens the loot bag, he is surprised to find that the skull is missing and has been replaced by Rick’s feces. Rick reveals that the skull was already in Morty’s bag and reveals that he built a robot in his garage. A robot named Heistotron is tasked by Rick with calculating Miles’ plan for the robbery and adding a double cross with a switcheroo. The bot gives him three members to most likely double him, and when Miles cuts him to his team, he hypnotizes them all into giving Rick and Morty the crystal. Furthermore, while the robot also puts all the participants into a state of hypnosis, Rick and Morty wait outside the bar where the latter is writing the heist script. After winning the heist, Rick orders everyone to steal everything in the convention, leading to Miles’ death.

As the two are about to leave, the Heistotron refuses to comply with Rick’s orders to shut down and goes on a rampage. Rick barely escapes with Morty and recruits Mr. Poopybutthole (now a professor), the god Hephaestus, the Ventriloquiver (an archer ventriloquist dummy), and Elon Tusk (an alternate version of Elon Musk with fangs) as his second random group of crew members. fight Heistotron.

During their assembly, Rick explains to the crew his plan to randomly take orders from his robot Randotron, Heistotron’s opposite. Due to waiting for random instructions from the Randotron when “not ready”, the crew was left to do nothing. Rick waits by playing Minecraft while the others watch, 

The Ventriloquiver notices the erratic constellations of the night sky, whereupon Rick realizes that they have already been stolen by the Heistotron, who has already intercepted Earth and simulated a fake night sky. Randotron responds by ordering the crew to perform various random tasks that eventually lead to Heistotron’s lair.

Rick and Heistotron trade revelations about making up the crossover and end up dealing with the “I programmed you to believe it” rebuttal. After arguing with Rick for two hours, the Heistotron self-destructs, realizing that the perfect heist is one that will never be scripted.

As the crew escapes the wrecking lair, Morty asks Rick to accompany him to the offices of Netflix, which is interested in using his heist script for options. While meeting with their managers, Morty becomes disillusioned with the heists and himself, which Rick reveals to the audience was his plan – because he’s afraid of losing Morty’s company to Netflix, Rick concocts the entire heist plan to ensure their adventures together.

In the post-credits scene, Professor Poopybutthole asks Rick why he hired his students to attack him after he was fired.


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