Rick and Morty season 1 Episode 5 Meeseeks and Destory

After a particularly traumatic adventure, Morty tries to end all future adventures. Rick begs him to continue being his sidekick, but allows him to lead his own adventure. The two made a bet together: if the trip was successful, Morty would lead every tenth adventure, if the trip was unsuccessful, Morty would stop complaining. The rest of the Smith family invades Rick to solve a few mundane problems. Rick gives the family the Meeseeks Box, a gadget capable of instantly summoning helpers named Mr. Meeseeks. These blue creatures exist only to solve the task at hand. Once their task is solved, the creature immediately vanishes from existence. Rick assures the family that the creatures are happy to die and warns them to simplify their tasks. When Rick and Morty leave, Beth asks her Meeseeks to help her become a more complete woman, while Summer wants to make hers more popular at school. Jerry presents their apparently difficult demands, asking his Meeseeks to do something relatively simple-sounding and help him knock two shots off a golf game.

Morty leads Rick on an adventure into a fantasy world. They stop at a poor village that enlists the help of two heroes to help raise money for them. The villagers point to the sky, where a world of giants awaits them. Morty and Rick climb the giant plant stem into the giant’s world and wait on the giant’s table for him to emerge. A giant named Dale appears and smells Rick and Morty and is about to start looking for them (with the intention of eating them) when he suddenly slips and hits his head on the corner of the table, killing himself. Dale’s wife Rose and their son walk in and see the scene, and Rick and Morty are quickly arrested for Dale’s “murder”.

Summer’s Meeseeks quickly makes her more popular at school by giving an inspirational speech that wins her lots of friends, while Beth takes her out on a date and gives her some encouraging advice. However, Jerry struggles to improve at golf despite coaching from his Meeseeks. Jerry is ready to give up, but his Meeseeks cannot cease to exist until he completes his task and decides to call in more Meeseeks for help. Before long, Jerry is surrounded by several Meeseeks, all of whom are desperate to get Jerry to improve, as many of them may not have existed that long, leading to the Meeseeks slowly losing their sanity as their mission fails to complete. Dozens of Meeseeks are soon created, but Jerry still doesn’t improve, leaving everyone involved frustrated. Annoyed, Beth goes to dinner and Jerry goes with her, telling the complaining Meeseeks that his golf game is more their concern than his. After they leave, the Meeseeks all blame each other for their predicament and argue over the right solution, soon devolving into a massive brawl that tears each other apart (which still doesn’t kill them) while creating more and more Meeseeks to join in. combat. Eventually, the original Meeseeks, who has been alive for more than two days (an eternity in Meeseeks time), tells his colleagues that he has a solution to permanently remove all moves from Jerry’s game by killing him.

Rick and Morty are tried in the Giant’s Yard, but are released thanks to a technical procedure. Rick tries to convince Morty to throw in the towel, but he refuses. As the duo descends several giant courthouse stairs, they find a pub called the Thirsty Step. Still believing in the success of his adventure, Morty confronts Rick about his continued negative attitude before going to the bathroom. While washing his hands, he runs into Mr. Jellybean. Mr. Jellybean asks Morty about his adventure and Morty tells him that he is nervous that it might have gotten out of hand. When Mr. Jellybean points out that the adventures are supposed to be full of surprises, Morty perks up and decides to “go with the flow.” However, Mr. Jellybean then hugs Morty and asks him to stay and “go with the flow”. Understandably, with this impulsive tact, Morty tries to leave before Mr. Jellybean pushes him against the sinks. Realizing that Mr. Jellybean is trying to rape him, Morty panics. Unfortunately, no one can hear his screams as Rick sings Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” on the karaoke machine. Morty is forced into one of the stalls, but luckily manages to fend off Mr. Jellybean, although he is visibly shaken afterwards. Morty emerges from the bathroom to find Rick playing cards. Rick apologizes for his previous negative attitude and tells Morty that he’s having a good time because he just won a lot of money in some card games. Morty, on the other hand, is shaking terribly and tells Rick that the adventure is over and they should just leave. Confused, Rick tells Morty that he is in the middle of the game, when Morty breaks down crying and tells Rick that he will accept losing the bet and begs Rick to take them back home. Rick pieces together what happened when he spots a bruised Mr. Jellybean leaving the bathroom and convinces Morty to ride down to the village and share his winnings with the townspeople. Morty cheers up and they both leave.

Beth and Jerry go out to dinner and Mr. Meeseeks’ horde descends on the restaurant with various weapons. Jerry and Beth escape into the restaurant’s freezer, and Mr. Meeseeks begins taking hostages to force Jerry to come out. Jerry almost gives up, but Beth encourages him to try his golf swing one last time. Jerry emerges from the freezer and uses a cut pipe and a tomato to prove that his swing has improved. The Mr. Meeseeks celebrate and disappear, all but one ‘parasite’ Mr. Meeseeks, who takes himself hostage and asks to see Jerry’s short game. Jerry hits the onion in the coffee cup, which ends up sending all the Mr. Meeseeks away.

After sharing his remaining money with the villages, Rick congratulates Morty on a successful adventure and agrees that Morty won the bet. The villagers then ask Rick and Morty to meet their king, who is Mr. Jellybean. Morty quickly declines and Rick opens the portal home. The duo quickly jump through the portal and leave as fast as they can. However, not content to let Mr. Jellybean get away with his rape attempt, Rick quickly opens the portal again and his hand emerges from the portal with a laser gun, which he uses to shoot and kill Mr. Jellybean. the horror of the villagers.

The trauma of the restaurant incident helps bring Jerry and Beth’s relationship together for the time  In the post-credits scene, one of the villagers is sadly looking at a memorial statute made in Mr. Jellybean’s honor when his squire arrives with a shoebox full of photographs, apparently defaced by something. He tells the villager that the box was found in a locked chest in the closet of the Jellybeans estate. A villager looks at the photos and makes a horrifying discovery. His squire suggests they tell the people, but the villager orders him to burn it instead, arguing that the villagers should better remember Mr. Jellybean for the idea he represented to them, rather than his actual vile nature. The episode ends with a shot of a (rather suggestive) statue of him with his arms around a child in his underwear.                  


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