Rick and Morty season 5 Episode 7 Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion

Watch Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 7 Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion


Rick, Summer and Morty are on their way to Boob World when Rick notices something on a nearby moon. It turns out to be a blue Gotron ferret, one of five Voltron-like animatronic vehicles that Rick is obsessed with. While Morty tries to convince him to go to Boob World, Summer offers to help him take Gotron back to Earth. As Morty watches them leave, a voice not unlike that of a mobster movie foreshadows the dark times after Gotron, until Summer interrupts with her own voice, which Morty himself hears.

Rick, Summer, and Morty gather the other four Gotrons off-screen and suggest that Beth and Jerry join them and stop the interdimensional monster. When Summer forces them to accept, they all suit up and fuse their ferrets into Gotron, a mechanical warrior who easily defeats the monster. Overjoyed by the success of the fight, Rick begins planning to acquire more Ricks, the ferrets they need to complete their collection. Morty tries to ground him, reminding him that Rick wanted to be calmed down if he was too obsessed, but Summer interrupts.

Rick invites the four other Ricks and their families to a barbecue where he, the other Ricks, and his Summer discuss matters. Their attempts to make a deal angers a bully Rick named Hothead Rick, but Rick easily replaces him with another Rick after he leaves. The five Smith families combine their Gotrons to create a gigantic Gogotron that easily dispatches any monsters that cross into their dimension. Summer continues to rise through the ranks, while Morty is treated like a regular worker and Rick’s obsession with Ferrets leads him to abuse alcohol and other substances.

In a nightclub built to hide from enemies, Rick drunkenly announces his plans to build the Gogogotron, much to Morty’s disgust. When he comes out for air, he is kidnapped by the original Gotron ferret pilots, five anime-style animated teenagers who were killed by alternate versions of the Ricks to get their ferrets. They initially try to bribe him with Boob World currency in exchange for inside information on Rick’s operation, but when he resists, he is forced to fend off an assassination attempt. When he gets back to the nightclub, he finds Hothead Rick destroying it with his ferret, killing Rick and getting himself killed in the process. Summer fired Morty out of business.

On a whim, Summer fires her parents from the operation while Rick hires Kendra, one of the original Ferret pilots, and her friends. Rick burned the summer. At home, Morty calms down from the high of the operation, while Beth and Jerry readjust and attempt to do the same. Summer comes in and apologizes profusely for her behavior. She admits that her attachment to a family that works together comes from an experience she had—her giant child from “Rickdependence Spray” was captured by the United States government and held on Mars. The government took Summer to him, hoping that her influence, when his biological mother is able to turn him into a weapon, would bond with him and help him escape. As the Smiths try to figure out what to do next, Summer mentions Kendra and Morty realizes that the pilots plan to kill Rick and take their ferrets back.

Inside the Gogogotron, the pilots have trapped Rick in his head and are about to kill him when the Smiths arrive, riding on the head of a gigantic child (which Summer names “Naruto”). Naruto smashes the Gogogotron to pieces, killing all the pilots and saving Rick. Morty and Summer tell the audience in voiceover that life then returned to normal, Rick lost interest in the Ferrets, and the monsters continued to ravage the worlds without stopping. As they continue their monologue, Rick pulls alien worms out of their ears and kills them, calling them parasitic “voiceovarians”.

In the post-credits scene, a task force of insect monsters prepares to enter an interdimensional portal to tell anyone they meet about the cure for AIDS. One cadet questions whether the citizens of the second dimension will understand them, and the captain insists that going through the portal “will not strip us of our clothes and turn us into screaming monsters.” As the cadets pass through the portal, one comes out the other side and tries to communicate the cure, but is shot as his presence is perceived as an attack.


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