Rick and Morty season 4 Episode 7 Promortyus

Watch Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 7 Promortyus


Morty is accidentally freed from the facehugger that was controlling him, and uses the opportunity to pry Rick with another one. Rick immediately grasps the situation and kills their respective facehuggers. Neither knows how they got to this point, and Rick rejects the parasitic alien species. That is, until they see a shockingly developed city.

While trying to find Rick’s carship, they discover that Morty’s facehugger was a famous leader, while Rick’s was a political-soap-YouTuber who was mostly looked down upon by alien society.

The two find a car tied to a cargo ship that would drop a bunch of alien eggs on Earth. Although they initially attempt a clean escape using the corpses of their facehuggers as disguises, they are quickly seen through. Rick and Morty manage to leave the planet after wreaking havoc on the city and its people.

The two are in good spirits, excited about the innocent murder. As they enjoy breakfast, Beth asks about Summer. The two stammer their apologies and head back to the planet to look for Summer, who they had completely forgotten about.

After causing more havoc, the two discover that the aliens have been waiting for her and worshiping her. After having them arrested, Summer goes to their jail cell and explains what happened after Rick and Morty stupidly got close to the facehugger eggs and became possessed. Summer, who’s new “thing” chewed a toothpick, killed anything the facehugger tried to jump on her. They find that facehuggers usually only lived for about half an hour before laying their eggs in their hosts and dying an explosive death. She uses this to her advantage and cleverly invents a new way of life where everyone didn’t have to die just to lay eggs.

Summer quickly becomes their ruler, appointing Morty’s facehugger Steve as their inspired leader. Rick’s facehugger, Bruce, becomes jealous and quits their growing government to make anti-political online videos. With things going well, Steve and Summer have a friendly chat before setting out to free their brother. Realizing that all Summer wants is her family back, Steve goes to Bruce to complain.

Bruce indignantly gives Steve an I told you word, but Steve is exasperated by his social stance against the progressive life of their species. Bruce exclaims that he was upset that Summer took Steve away from him; revealing his jealousy.

Steve: Why do you hate her so much?!

Bruce: Because she took you from me!

Although awkward at first, the two make up with a sizzling kiss and plan to run away together. That’s when Rick and Morty were freed.

Her story done, Rick and Morty are a little confused that Summer would know how the other half of the story went, but she waves it off. Everyone in the office knew about Steve and Bruce.

Summer’s escape plan is to sentence the two to death… by leaving in Rick’s car. And of course, Summer had to go with them to make sure they died. However, the facehugger society is not stupid and has understood that everyone is just trying to escape. While trapped, Rick and Morty discover that Morty’s terrible accordion playing causes the aliens to burst into flames. So they use the car speakers to massacre even more aliens before they finally leave the planet.

When they arrive home, Summer goes back to her room and Rick and Morty go to the living room. For a moment, they believe that the aliens have actually put eggs in them and that they will explode. But it just turned out that they both actually screwed up

After the end credits, Tricia watches Jerry keep bees in the garden from Summers’ bedroom window, after increasingly hinting that he is sexually attracted to Summer, she finally says she wants to have sex with him to a bored and annoyed Summer; who sarcastically replies “Oh, really?”.


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